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Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow. Tey sound creative, don’t they? You can’t hem a Plapinger and a Hershenow into the same monotony as a, say, Sarah Brown (sorry Gord’s missus). But with these two creatures, by any other name, they’d smell as god damn funky. Oozing stylistic intent in their music and every other endeavour, they formed a pop tour de force when they got together as duo, MS MR. Tey are colourful and vibrant – not least with Lizzy’s ever- changing hue of hair – but they control their own dimmer switch. Tey know when to bring down the light, bring down the mood, make introverted what was moments before thrust in your face. Tey could well be your new favourite pop band. A sold out US tour would suggest so, and domination will continue as they come to Norwich this month…

We've been so fortunate to have spent so much time in Europe and the UK over the past year and a half! From the beginning we were very vocal about wanting to tour all over the world and definitely felt like the music would connect in the UK. We've had such an incredible time every time we've performed in the UK - it's so exciting to perform in bigger rooms every time we come back and to see more and more people singing the words!

Lizzy – you grew up in London, didn’t you? I did indeed. Born and raised until I was 18. To me, it will always be home.


o, to take you a little way back, you both met when you attended Vassar College – what

did you graduate in? Was it completely alien to music? Lizzy:I majored in Media Studies and Max in Urban Studies. Both are interdisciplinary courses so it meant that we could take classes in all sorts of programs, which definitely informed our ideas about mixed media and collage, even if they weren't always about music specifically.

Vassar has some classy alumni – you’re doing better than Jackie O, as she didn’t complete her studies, but Meryl Streep did. Was it a particularly creative, or nurturing environment? Both! It was a pretty incredible

16 / November 2013/

experience. Students were really excited about what they were studying and it definitely felt like a hotbed of creative expression and exchange. Even after we've graduated the Vassar community is still incredibly engaged in and supportive of what we're doing.

You played a few UK festivals this year, but this is your first UK tour. Have you been pleased with the reaction here, and do you have any expectations of the tour?

Max, I’m interested in your background too. I read you studied at the Martha Graham Academy… I love all forms of contemporary dance, and love how most of it’s rooted back to a handful of practitioners – Graham, Pina Bausch, Merce Cunningham… I was wondering if you’d thought of choreographing one of your videos, and which practitioner you’d most like topay homage to? MH:I'm glad to hear you're a modern dance fan! After graduating from Vassar, I spent a semester in a graduate program at the Martha Graham School (I dropped out soon after we started MS MR) and dance has always been an important part of the way I think about music. I would love to choreograph a video at some point,


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