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Launch of new 3G has big benefits to businesses

We’ve all been there, when it’s the crucial moment in a great film and the power cuts out, or being on an important call and your phone’s battery dies. It’s very frustrating isn’t it? Well imagine if you’re a business owner

and instead of just missing the climax of a movie, your company’s network crashes and loses vital data – setting you back months or even years. The London Chamber of Commerce

Alison McRae, Projects Director, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, a member of Creative Clyde’s Strategic Development Group, presents the winner of the Creative Clyde Design Competition, Kyle Morrison, an intern at Hot Tap Media, with his award with Claire Stuart, also of Hot Tap Media


New start-up wins design competition

Hot Tap Media, the Glasgow based digital content production company, is the winner of the design competition, run by Creative Clyde, to showcase the breadth and depth of local creative talent. Hot Tap Media’s innovative design, created

by intern Kyle Morrison, features a scannable QR code which leads directly to the Creative Clyde website. It emerged by a significant margin as the most popular in a public vote on the Creative Clyde Facebook page. The company wins an award of

£2,000, to be invested in the growth of the start-up business, one of the first to move in to the Creative Clyde Business Incubation Centre at the Hub at Pacific Quay.

The design will also feature as part of the

international marketing campaign to promote Creative Clyde, the fast growing centre for media, technology and creatively minded businesses in Glasgow. The company was presented with the award at the Creative Clyde stakeholder event recently at the SECC, which also included a ‘behind the scenes’ visit to the new Hydro arena. Creative Clyde is a partnership with a strategic

development group comprising senior decision makers from Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Creative Scotland, BBC Scotland, University of Glasgow, Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), STV, Raise the Roof Productions, Film City Glasgow, Glasgow Science Centre and Glasgow School of Art.

recently revealed 90 per cent of businesses that reported a significant data loss had shut up shop within two years. That’s a scary statistic.

This is where we come in. The launch of our IPVPN 3G helps ease CIOs’ biggest worry about unreliable connectivity by ensuring businesses stay connected at all times. The wireless router can be installed

almost anywhere there’s a plug socket and connect immediately using wireless 3G. Also, the simplicity of installing the router means it’s much quicker than a fixed line as there’s no physical work needed to set it up. By setting up such a service alongside


First Bus service set to improve

First Glasgow, the city’s largest bus operator, is introducing new plans aimed at significantly improving and simplifying the Glasgow bus network.

SimpliCITY, due to have launched on 26 May,

is a new schedule which the company believes will provide many benefits for its customers. Those benefits include:

» Services running every 10 minutes or in some cases every five minutes » A simplified route network which will make it easier for all service users to understand » Complimentary Wi-Fi on almost 300 buses by the end of the year.

The SimpliCITY changes aimed at improving

services in the city and across greater Glasgow are the biggest change to First services since the late 1990s, the company said. First have launched a public consultation

inviting the 114 million passengers that the company moves every year to comment on the changes. Ronnie Park, Managing Director of first

Glasgow, said: “A new network is required which better matches the travelling needs of the city. “The launch of SimpliCITY will make it easier

and more convenient for people to visit the city centre, get to the shops, the cinema, sporting events and other leisure activities.” He added: “Further investment in the

network is planned, including the introduction of a number of new buses later in the year, as we look to increase passenger numbers and grow our business.”

an existing network, organisations gain a digital safety net against potential outages on the fixed line connection. Think of it as an insurance policy; every aspect of our lives has one – our cars, our houses – so why not our business data? IPVPN 3G not only acts as an insurance policy but can also be used as a way to ensure remote locations can access the systems they need through a mobile signal that’s available in the area. Connecting remote sites to a corporate network has never been so easy. The increase and development of

technology in connectivity has made the world a much smaller place, and as businesses adopt the 24 hour cycle, they need to be connected at all times, wherever they are. With the reliance on staying connected now more important than ever, how can you survive without it?

Duncan Higgins, product and marketing director, Virgin Media Business

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