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6 . Glasgow Business May/June 2013

The Scottish trade delegation ready to board the inaugural flight

Flying high with route L

uſthansa Regional’s Glasgow to Düsseldorf flight took off in April, establishing a key link to

building more trade and business between the two cities and wider regions. Glasgow Chamber of

Commerce led a delegation of local businesses on the flight which took part in the Chamber’s first overseas Influencers’ Dinner. In addition to Chamber

President Varry McMenemy and Referendum Let’s debate

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce is to step up its work on the debate about Scotland’s future in the run-up to the Independence Referendum in September 2014. A group led by Chamber Council

member Katy Wedderburn will hold events debating the issues of importance to Chamber members. The Chamber has already met with Blair Jenkins and Jim Mather

Chief Executive Stuart Patrick, the Scotish delegation included representatives from Scotish Development International and SCDI. Other atendees included

British Consol General Malcolm Scot, representatives from Luſthansa, Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce, British Chamber of Commerce in Germany and the North Rhine-Westphalia economic development agency NRW Invest. Germany is the largest

of the Yes Scotland campaign and Alistair Darling MP from the Better Together campaign. Stuart Patrick, Chief Executive

of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, said: “It is really important that we hear from members any question in relation to the Referendum to which they feel they have difficulty getting answers. “By the same token, we are

very happy to raise any issue that member businesses are concerned about but don’t want to discuss themselves publicly.”

international market for Glasgow, with more than 71,000 trips made each year by German visitors, which generate more than £19m for the local economy. Luſthansa Regional will initially

operate six flights per week, increasing to a daily service in June. It is the first time Glasgow Airport will have served Düsseldorf in 20 years. Te launch of the route also marks the return of the extensive Luſthansa network to Glasgow. Stuart Patrick said: “Dusseldorf

Helpline Legal advice

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce offers its members a free legal advice helpline to discuss business- related legal matters. As a member, you also have access to up to £65,000 worth of professional fees each year to cover issues such as employment disputes, prosecution defence, employment awards or tax, VAT, PAYE and NIC investigations. This Legal Advice Line is provided

» Chamber builds Glasgow-Düsseldorf links with first overseas Influencers’ Dinner

is at the heart of the Ruhr Valley where so much of Germany’s engineering industry is based. “Te Luſthansa service is the

latest new route won by Glasgow Airport management team, and we should all recognise their remarkable success, especially in these tough times. “It is vital that the business

community in Glasgow and the wider area supports this new service.”

by Composite Legal Expenses and affords your business more than £670,000 worth of cover. In the event of a dispute, it

is essential that you contact the Chamber Legal Advice Line at the earliest opportunity. To contact the Chamber Legal

Advice Line – or if you would like to speak to someone about Chamber Legal Expenses – call 0871 423 5239. Calls from a BT Landline cost 10p per minute at all times. Mobiles and other networks may cost more.

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