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28 . Glasgow Business May/June 2013

Chamber How to generate business

leads using social media Social media success isn’t found by just shouting statements into the void, says Mark Hunter of Postable Ltd


witer is one of those social networks where understanding the relation between “real

life” networking and social networking is key. Once we understand that

Twiter is all about us being able to network with people, real people, maybe we can get past all of the angst that social networking frequently causes to bubble up in our minds. Here’s the thing about social

networks, we’re told – oſten – that we “need to be on [insert name of social network]”. Now, for each one of us personally, business and work aside, it isn’t a big leap of faith to dip our toe in the water, if you’ll pardon my mixed metaphors. We sign-up, have a poke about

and then decide if we’re going to get any use out of it. Twiter, for example, is dead

easy. Sign up for an account and Twiter pushes you down the garden path of following other accounts that it believes will be useful to you. Upload a quirky image as your profile photo, and then take it or leave it. You may scratch your head as

to what possible benefit it adds to your personal life, which is understandable at first, but you haven’t wasted a great deal of time. You’re not puting much in and you don’t expect much in return. It’s when we start delving into

social networks on behalf of our business or company that it gets a litle bit trickier. For example, imagine if you

were to atend a networking event hosted by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. You know that lots of

interesting business people will be in atendance at this networking event, so you’ve dug out the business cards, put on a clean shirt, or blouse, and you’ve made the effort to show up at the event’s venue. However, once there, your

strategy for “networking” is to stand outside in the foyer, on your own. Once every 10 or 15 minutes you open the door into the room where the actual networking is taking place and you shout a short sentence in the general direction of the atendees. Ten you close the door,

waiting once more alone in the foyer for the next opportunity to

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shout something into the room, on your own. Incredibly that’s how many

businesses and companies approach the networking experience that Twiter offers them; litle to no interaction, just shouting the occasional statement, hoping that someone cares, that someone will listen. In the real world, our success at

networking – making new contacts, generating business leads – would be laughable if we took the above approach. Instead, quality networking

takes place when we mingle. When we listen. When we make introductions. When we connect. So, how does a smart business do all of that using Twiter as a


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networking tool? Because, as the term suggests, social networking should be about doing what works in the “real world”, connecting, listening, mingling, introducing ourselves.

But how?

Once we understand how to use Twiter as a tool to listen first, many business find that, suddenly, it becomes something of worth, of value. Leads are generated. New connections are made. Tey become relevant and credible. Tey become helpful and useful. Glasgow Chamber of

Commerce runs a practical hands-on workshop entitled “Focus On … … Twiter – How to Generate Leads By Shuting Up and Listening”. If you’re at all serious about geting value out of Twiter, or you are even remotely interested in geting new business leads, I’d encourage you to come along. Just don’t stand outside in the foyer.

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