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50 . Glasgow Business May/June 2013

THE PITCH Three companies explain what makes them special...

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Your success is our success

The best kept secret in recruitment... Ex Forces personnel

Forces Recruitment Services is the original and premier recruitment consultancy for Ex-Military personnel from the Army, Navy and RAF. Established in 2001, Forces Recruitment Services was the first recruitment organisation to help ex-military personnel across every rank and service, and we have helped thousands of candidates across a broad array of roles into employment.

We can provide a full consultancy service or a wide variety of pro-active advertising packages. From engineers to financiers, project management to team leaders, logisticians to security, we can provide across a huge spectrum of employment at all levels of the workforce.

The Forces Job Fair on 29 August,

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at the Thistle Hotel, Glasgow is a fabulous opportunity to bring highly skilled service leavers and some of Scotland’s best employers together to create new opportunities and careers for all.

Get in touch with us

For further details, visit our website at www. or scan the QR code above.

Blue Ptarmigan are Change Management, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching specialists who ‘unlock potential and unleash growth’ in organisations and individuals. Blue Ptarmigan works across the UK and combines both pragmatism and innovation to obtain the best solutions and results.

It can be difficult to implement new strategies, ideas, ways of working or systems and processes. We work in partnership with our clients using our extensive experience and expertise to actively manage your people and process sides of change to deliver significant business improvements.

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary leadership. The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable. Looking for clues from the past on how to navigate this new norm is proving useless and “off the shelf” solutions simply no longer prepare organisations for what lies ahead.

In the traditional world a good product coupled with a good management team was sufficient to ensure success. However, in today’s ever changing and uncertain market place they are no longer enough on their own. If ever there was a time for leadership to set the vision, instill confidence and growth it is now.

Our Executive Coaching is focused on unlocking a person’s potential

to maximise their own performance. ‘Your success is our success’.

Get in touch with us Contact Mark Douglas on 07720 699869 or Or visit

Financial wellbeing with Towry

Clarity, peace of mind, security, assistance – these are all the by-products of effective financial wellbeing. Financial wellbeing within the remuneration and reward strategy for many firms is still in its infancy. However, there are signs that this is now being recognised as not just a ‘nice to have’ but a business critical issue. By introducing this as an element to their reward, it will bring a more rounded approach to the total remuneration rather than a pointed focus on income.

The directors and senior executives within businesses are the leaders and drivers of the company. They will be well versed on the company’s strategic objectives over the short and long term; risks will be known and managed, where possible. These individuals will be financially astute, yet the reality when it comes to their own affairs is a different story. Lack of time, desire or expertise leads to disorganised and often inappropriate arrangements that could impact not only upon the individual but the business itself.

Effective financial wellbeing provides individuals with context to their financial affairs , an understanding as to what is important within their lives and clear guidance on the steps they need to take personally to achieve their objectives.

Get in touch with us Towry’s Glasgow office is at 220 St Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5SG Call 0141 227 8000 or visit

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