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Grey Coat Issue 25: November 2012 2012 in the Great Hall, St Andrew's 7

Professor Weare shares her Grey Coat report book with the audience Mr Waltl and Ms Maddrell before the Prize Giving ceremoy commenced

which Shayane hopes will continue. ‘Passion’ featured in Esther’s closing words as, like Preye Sambo and Amber Tallon before them, this team hopes to achieve a Fair Trade status for GCH.

A Level students receive their prizes

After the Year 7 Choir had sung “Dona Nobis Pacem”, 113 students from Thomasin Adams to Nina Wise were presented with their prizes by Professor Katherine Weare who then recalled her time at GCH. Standing on the stage, the Emeritus Professor of Education, Universities of Southampton and Exeter felt as though the intervening 44 years since she had been awarded a prize in 1968 ‘were like a moment gone’. Unlike dreams, her memories of friends and teachers remain and Professor Weare feels that being happy in school leads to improved attainment. Balance too is important, between ‘warmth and boundaries, discipline and autonomy, skills and subjects’. Professor Weare is aware that teenage years are emotional and can be difficult. Her 14- year old daughter’s rejection of trousers which, she claimed, would “make her look fat and lead to her being killed at her comprehensive school” had brought back memories of that same sensation in Katherine Weare’s own teenage years. “The good thing,” she thought, “ was that one day it wouldn’t matter.” In the meanwhile Professor Weare urged the students to be themselves since they were O.K. as they were. “ Don’t try to impress” as she had done with choosing as her prize a book in French which she has never read. “Use what you have and build on that.” Then Yemi Sobegun led the Gospel Choir’s impressive finale and the audience headed for the cafeteria. Ms McMellan

GCSE students receive their prizes

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