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with a man that has undergone a dismal past, you may be wondering is there a remedy? Actually, there are three vitamins to administer:

1. Trust Rejected Trust is not something you can push to make happen. It is a force in and of itself that is usually created through healthy conversations, purity of heart and unwavering faith in the man for who he is, not who you hope he will turn out to be. The trust factor will cause him to take off his armor with you one piece at a time until he is certain that his heart is safe in your hands.

2. Time We’ve all heard that time heals, but when we engage in a relationship and feel that this person could be the one we sometimes want to rush things. Rushing never works. It may look like it’s working at first, but know this; the issues that lie underneath will surface sooner or later. Let time run it’s course. Allow the relationship to strengthen at an appropriate pace. If you find yourself rushing and he is slowing things down, pay attention to that. He may be in a different season than you. Not that it’s bad, but it’s worth recognizing.

3. Trade There comes a time in a child’s life when one must give away toys that meant a lot to them. As they hold their precious beat up, ripped apart, one eyed bear, the pain they feel in having to release this toy is immense. What

they do not realize is that the moment they let go of the old, they now have freed their arms to embrace the new. There comes a time in a man’s life when he needs to trade the future he thought he was going to have with the future he will have. The “Mid-Life Crisis” term stems from this reality for guys. They hit an age where they realize they aren’t in the job position they thought they would be. They aren’t driving the car they thought they would own.

Their living space is not what they imagined to be their home. Seeing a man go through this season can be extremely painful for the woman who loves him, but this can also be a time for him to let go of the false hopes in order to embrace the wonderful opportunities that do await him. Relationships are never easy, but they can be extremely rewarding. As a Heart Protector of Women I always want to open up doors of discovery into the male world to hopefully ease the discomfort and shine a little light on the areas of confusion. Women possess amazing attributes that enable them to be the catalyst in the lives of so many, forever impacting others for better. Ladies, I want you to know that this does not go unnoticed. In fact we frequently stand in awe.

Ask yourself, do you have the relationship you want? Jonathon's book gets into the meat of what you need to know about men and the types of relationships men commit to.

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