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Neglected When a man has come from a background whether it be a childhood experience or a recent relationship where neglect prevailed, there are unmet needs that can surface continually in the life of that person. It may manifest in various ways that can catch even the wisest woman off guard. There may be an unusual amount of touch needed to make up for the deficit that had been plaguing him for possibly years. He may have a desire to be heard above and beyond what you have experienced before, trying to make up for no one being interested in what he had to say before. The need for a man to be loved can be a very intense drive and I am not referring to the sexual drive, but rather the emotional longing. There is a void created in the soul that can only be filled with tenderness, encouragement and unconditional love. These three elements will help the wounds of neglect to heal. And when the man has found a woman that will believe in him no matter how flawed he is, she in her own power has now created a superhero who will thrive at making her proud.


The experience of being rejected seems to be more prevalent in the lives of males than females although both encounter this painful event in their lives. For the male however, the level of intensity in the rejection is directly related to the person whom they are being rejected by. If they don’t

make the little league team, there is a sense of not belonging that irritates and burns. If the teenage guy is asking a girl out on a date, it causes a hardening of the heart on a temporary basis just long enough for them to shake it off and move on to invite the next one. If the grown man has been in a loving relationship and it takes a chilly turn to the point of him being rejected by his lover in bed, that is an affliction they are rarely prepared for. If women truly understood the power the wield in the arena of affection, they would hopefully adopt the Spider-Man theme: “With great power comes great responsibility”.


When we see that word we tend to relate it to a sickness or disease of the body that can be remedied with doses of antibiotics. But the septicity of the soul I am referring to is due to the pollution of unkept promises, corrupt communication where words are used to wound instead of heal, and the misery of being manipulated. All of these experiences in and of themselves can ambush even the strongest

Achilles in your life, once a hero until his vulnerable spot was targeted. In his case the heel, in many cases the heart of a man. Infection of the soul will manifest itself through a man’s outlook on life, projection of his future with or without you and through conversation. If he has been neglected and rejected there are exposed areas of his heart that are infected.

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