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Technical Review | April-June 2012

The ATM510 is designed specifically for close-up vocal use in professional live-sound applications and the ATM610a is intended for both lead and backup vocal use and is especially effective on loud stages.

Both microphones feature a rugged, all metal design construction for years of trouble-free use in delivering durable performances for professional application. Both mics are equipped with a newly designed superior internal shock mounting which reduces handling and stage noise. Hi-Energy neodymium magnets provide articulate vocal reproduction and a multi-stage grille design offers excellent protection against plosives and sibilance without compromising high- frequency clarity. Both microphones also come with Quiet- Flex stand clamps for silent, flexible microphone positioning as well as corrosion-resistant contacts from the goldplated XLRM-type connector.

( Live Sound Console

Soundcraft Vii Digital Live Sound Console has been launched by PMC Solution. The unit is a complete standalone console with 32 channels of analogue input to 27 analogue outputs, plus six digital inputs, four stereo FX returns and six digital outputs in one chassis. It is equipped with the new Widescreen Vistonics interface which displays all parameters for 16 channels side by side, on a single 22” Vistonics touch screen. The Vii also has many of the functions of its larger Soundcraft siblings including “Soundcraft FaderGlose”, four stereo Lexicon effects engines, BSS Audio graphic EQs on all output busses and integral dynamics on all channels. (

Transmitters FM Transmitter with Digital Input

“All-in-one” FM transmitter

TX range of FM transmitters now come with AES/EBU digital input and multiband audio processing as standard from BW Broadcast. Broadcasters with a digital signal chain can interface straight into the transmitter and onboard processor. There is also the option of an Ethernet interface to allow instant control no matter how remote the site. This is on top of the existing frequency agile exciter and built-in stereo encoder. These “all-in-one” transmitters are available from 1 W to 1,500 W; they are standard 19-inch rack size and a maximum 2 RU high.

The FM transmitters include six preloaded processing presets and front-panel LCD control interface. The Underlying architecture includes a unique dual-loop virtual VFO exciter, an ultralow distortion modulator and stereo encoder integrated into a very stable FM transmission system. Developed for global use, units are frequency agile and comply with applicable CE, EU and FCC regulations. (

iPad-based control interface

The WPA2-secured Wi-H connection between transmitter and iPad 2, and the possibility to remove the iPad from the front panel, makes supervision more comfortable.

Even if the whole computer control system were to fail, basic functions of the transmitter are still controllable via local pushbuttons.

The TRAM premium LCD offers a choice among TCP/IP, BIT bus, RS-232 or dry contacts for remote control. The focus of the TRAM premium LCD line is to offer more comfort for Local and remote control while maintaining the unmatched reliability of the TRAM line transmitters. The line ranges in power from 5 kW to 600 kW as standalone transmitters or up to 2 MW in a combined version which are available with the TRAM premium LCD option. (

RF Transmitter Touches Green

New Green RF transmitter line introduced by DB Broadcast is eco-friendly COLD FET technology, based on energy- efficient LDMOS devices. It can supply transmitters up to 5 kW. The transmitter includes a deviation limiter and a variety of protections such as over-voltage, toad mismatch and overheating. These RF devices use high-efficiency and high-output switching-mode power supplies, making them light, compact and energy-efficient. Like many new transmitter Lines, the Green RF Line can be controlled via a Web application along with local control from the front panel.

(Radio World) High efficiency Digital Radio Transmitters

The Fidelity Line of solid-state digital AM/ DRM transmitters launched by RIZ-Hungary. The device has an efficiency of over 90 percent and output power up to 400 kW without combining. By combining several lower-powered transmitters, higher power Levels are attainable.

iPad Control Interface

TRAM AM transmitters iPad 2 control interface has been announced by Transradio.

Transmitter functions can be supervised and monitored by the iPad-based control interface; safety functions of the transmitter are still implemented locally at the transmitter itself. Analogue parameters are monitored by A/D converters for remote monitoring and integration into the GUI, based on iPad 2 technology.

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