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Without Limits


Without Limits is an organization focused on fostering

relationships within the women’s Ultimate community at the youth, college, and club levels, as well as promoting and furthering the growth and development of the women’s division. “Without Limits” was the name suggested by a friend in 2010 to provide some cohesiveness to my efforts to build

women’s Ultimate. Over the past six years, I have run a few

dozen tournaments and clinics around the United States. During that time, I have raised over $100,000 for teams, and have helped to build a network of women’s Ultimate leaders. Much of my work has been driven by seeing needs in the Ultimate community and then finding ways to address them— this work has involved running tournaments thousands of miles away from where I live and partnering with teams all over the country. One of the defining moments of my

work was helping Wash U run Midwest Throwdown in 2009. I had founded the tournament a year earlier for my own college team, but partnered with Wash U in order to help them raise much-needed money for their season. At the time, they

were one of my college team’s biggest rivals, but now, several generations of captains later, they are one of my most trusted partner teams. Seeing their success over the past three years is, to me, proof of what a hard-working team can do when given funding and opportunities. The team has gone from being middle- of-the-pack at Regionals to qualifying for Nationals three years in a row. They have also donated hundreds of dollars to create playing opportunities for college teams in other parts of the country. Throwdown is one of many Without Limits tournaments that raise money for a team in need, as well as create playing opportunities and connect players and teams. The host teams build and nurture relationships with their opponents,

and these relationships serve as the social capital that propels the women’s division forward. Building relationships with teams has allowed me to grow the Without Limits events from a competitive standpoint, as well as continue to ensure that the community aspect of the sport stays at the forefront of what I do. I have sought to create a spectrum of opportunities for elite teams, regionally and locally competitive teams, D-III teams, and B-level teams. Running tournaments around the United

States has also allowed me to see the need for more development opportunities. The playing field is incredibly uneven and while online resources have improved drastically over the past few years, there are many teams who have very little access to or knowledge of ways to help their team get to the next level. Observing the divide in the women’s division has inspired me to focus on creating development opportunities that include skills clinics, sessions on team and program development, and leadership training. The clinics also provide a unique opportunity to create relationships between various age and competition divisions. The constant over the past six years is that I have been truly blessed to have the support of my family, teammates, and friends all over North America. These people feed me great ideas, are my sounding boards and motivators, and bring their teams to events. My hope is to continue providing playing and development opportunities for the women’s division for many years to come, and I invite you to get in touch if you have an idea or a project you would like to partner on! For more information, please visit or email me at

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