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Welcome to a new issue of Ultimate Canada Magazine. Spring is here, leagues are beginning, and for the most part we’re all in for a long hot summer. In this issue as always, kudos go out to the writers and photographers who got in touch with the magazine and offered their photos and stories to be shared with the 30,000 Ultimate players across the nation.

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS It’s awesome you’re out there (you know who you are) taking the time to capture

this sport and all its action, in your own unique way, through your own lens and vision. I look forward to you reaching out to me (the editor) to say, “Dave, here’s the latest batch of photos from this tourney I was at.” It means a lot when you do. Additionally, it gets your name out there, and reminds “paying” Ultimate players they can look you up to see if they can purchase an 8x10 or more photos from you. I know when players step up to order photos from you (if you’re selling), it’s a win-win (as opposed to Ultimate’s win-lose format :-). The win for the player is they get a professional photographer to capture them either doing something amazing on the field, or just goofing around between games. The win for you, the photog, is it can bring in more revenue, allowing you to offset your expenses going to these tournaments. Keep it coming, get in touch with me, and this digital magazine will help any way we can. Thanks again!

ATTENTION WRITERS As always, thanks for putting fingers to keyboards and crafting some insight for all

to read. You may be writing a recap of a tourney, a humourous piece on an element of the game, or offering some plays, tips, drills or more. Whatever it is, we’ll be reading it. Send it along, and start thinking about the summer issue. Thanks again, enjoy this issue, step for a cause or two in need of your few dollars

(every bit helps) outlined in this issue; and most importantly, have a great start to the season!

2011 Canadian University Ultimate


CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Dave Brown, Christiane Marceau, Danny Saunders, Matt Mackey, Mandy Wintink, Derek Marcotte, Playspedia, Michelle Ng, Karen Monaghan

CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Craig Stephen, Dave Knowles, Kevin Butcher, Alexandr Tikhomirov, Bowinn Ma, Durham Ultimate Club, Cobourge Tourism Daredevil Discs (sport icons)

ADVERTISING INQUIRIES Dave Brown, Editor - Ultimate Canada Magazine is an independent publication published quarterly and digitally distributed FREE to more than 30,000 Canada-wide Ultimate players via email, websites and clubs. It is owned by the Canadian Ultimate Players Association (CUPA)

E-mail: Website: Tel: 613-860-8687 / 888-228-2918

CONTRIBUTIONS Ultimate Canada Magazine welcomes story and photo contributions. All photos should ideally be shot with a high resolu- tion digital camera, but otherwise scanned at 300dpi resolution and burned onto a CD-ROM or e-mailed. If files are particu- larly huge, email using www.YouSendit. com - a free service. Editor may publish any and all communications with Ultimate Canada Magazine, and may edit for clarity and style. Rights reserved.



Congrats to the spirit winners at CUUC 2011: Lakehead women and McGill A open. Your spirit and enthusiasm for the game warmed even the coldest days of the weekend. Please never lose that zest for the game, and pass it on to as many players and teams as possible. Congrats also go to the Queens U women for

their win over UWO in a thrilling finals match-up, and to the Manitoba Open team for a clinical win over Queens A in the open final. Both games were are true testament to the strength and resolve of players in the university series.


OPEN Manitoba Queen’s A Toronto A Carleton Waterloo A McGill A Guelph McMaster Sherbrooke York WLU Western Lakehead Ottawa Queen’s B Brock

McGill B Toronto B Waterloo B

Ultimate Canada Magazine —

Queen’s Western Guelph McMaster McGill Montreal Toronto A Ottawa UW/WLU Brock Lakehead Toronto B York/GB ConUQAM Carleton (DNF)

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