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UC Junior All-Stars In 2011, at the Canadian Ultimate Championship in Ottawa, 16 junior teams competed with pass

All-Stars on their team: a woman and a man. Please see the complete list here, and to read their i posted on the Ultimate Canada website. Congratulations All-Stars!


• GREG MOORE (SHOCK): It means fair play and respect to the players.

• JARET MERON (OVERDRIVE): To me, spirit of the game means playing with intensity, but respecting your teammates, opponents, and the rules at the same time.

• TAMMY CHOU (MISFIT): Spirit of the game to me, means understanding that it’s not just about winning the game, there are more ways of winning than to have the higher score. It’s about having fun, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

• KAREN HATCH (MOFO): It means being respectful to all the players on the field so that you can play your best.

• JEAN-CHRISTOPHE GERMAIN (TQ) AND KELLY CARBONEAU (TQ): Spirit of the game is respect: the respect of other players and respect of the sport. You can be a competitive player even if you play with fun. This sport is based on the pleasure of playing.

• TATE THORNTON (CUJO): Being able to make a sick D on an opponent on the field an also have a great conversation with the same person after the game.

• OLIVIER ST-DENIS (CONSPIRACY): For me, it’s when we have fun during the game and we like to play together.

• KENT ENGANO (ROLLING THUNDER): To me it means playing the games fairly, competing hard and respecting other players.

• KEVIN GROULX (KEROZEN): It’s means to always play with respect for the other team no matter what’s the score.

• NYNA PREVOST (KEROZEN): For me, Spirit of the game is to motivate my teammates. It’s to know how to loose with dignity, and having fun playing together!

• ALBERT YEUNG (DOAP): To me it means maintaining respect for both the players and the rules of the game in spite of hard and competitive play.

• SAMUEL DUBÉ (FRINGANTS): For me, Spirit means that no matter the level of play, you have to always be respectful and keep control of your act and words.

• REID ZANDBELT (RESSSUREXION): Playing hard, but playing fair.

• KINI DO (BEAST): You have to play the game truthfully. Play Ultimate like you want it, but if you’re going to lie and be unsportsmanlike, then you’re doing it wrong.

• CAMI TOUSSEAU (X2): As talented and intense a player you are, “spirit of the game” is when your sportsmanship outshines your skills and your talent.


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