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wings and pink tutus (and, of course, a tooth). A separate social event was also held for the Juniors players on Saturday evening. They had the opportunity to par- ticipate in a scavenger hunt followed by pop and munchies at the Algonquin Col- lege Residence.

FINALS Sunday finals kicked off with the Wom-

en’s division gold medal game featuring number one ranked Capitals (Toronto/ Ottawa) versus number two ranked Traf- fic (Vancouver). These two teams had met earlier in the tournament when the Capi- tals edged out Traffic 14-12 for the victory. Sunday’s game was much more one-sided with the Capitals holding Traffic to only 6 points and taking home the gold with a fi- nal score of 15-6. QUB (Quebec) took third place in the Women’s division. The Open division final was an intense

matchup between number one ranked GOAT (Toronto/Ottawa) and number two ranked Furious George (Vancouver). The teams were neck and neck throughout most of game with never more than three points separating them. In the end, it all came down to universe point. Being on the receiving end to start the point, GOAT’s offensive power line had a strong chance to finish the game but Furious George held them back then capitalized on a turnover to win the gold with a final score of 14-13. Phoenix (Ottawa) took home the bronze medal in the Open division.

The Mixed division final was a close game that had spectators glued to their seats, then fleeing for cover. With Odyssée (Montreal) leading Team Fisher Price (TFP) (Vancouver) 10-9, the first and only signifi- cant rain of the tournament started. They played a few wet points until the threat of lightning caused the game to be put on hold just after the soft cap horn sounded. After a 50 minute delay, TFP scored twice to take their first lead of the game. Russell Street then caught the game point earning gold for TFP and MVP honours for himself. The final score was 13-11. Onyx (Quebec City) earned the bronze medal.

Juniors and Masters divisions finals were held on Saturday at UPI. In the Juniors division, number one ranked Shock (Van- couver) went undefeated throughout the tournament. They earned gold with a de- cisive 15-7 win over number two ranked Overdrive (Toronto). Vortex (Vancouver) placed third. In the Masters division, GLUM (Ottawa)

was looking for a “four-peat” as CUC champions but it was not to be. They met number two ranked Nomads (Victo- ria) in the gold medal game on Saturday afternoon. Both teams played hard and Nomad walked away victorious with a score of 15-11. FIGJAM (Calgary) posted a 13-11 win over top ranked Tombstone to take home the bronze. Full CUC results are available at CUC 2011 was a qualifying tournament

for the 2012 World Ultimate Champion- ships which will be held in Sakai, Japan in July. The winners of the Women’s, Open, Mixed, and Masters divisions have earned the right to appoint the selection com- mittee that will select Canada’s national teams. It’s likely that many players from the winning teams will be named to these national team rosters but each team must also include at least 5 players from outside the winning team’s home region (i.e. the Open team must have at least five play- ers from outside of the BC region which is home to Furious George). While the gold medals are what every

team covets, spirit of the game was still alive and well at CUC 2011. Each team was provided with a package of discs to use as spirit prizes throughout the tournament. This helped to bolster the camaraderie between the teams and recognize those players who embody sportsmanship. Team spirit points were also given at the end of each game and the teams with the high- est average scores over the tournament were the spirit winners. Odyssée (Mon- treal, Mixed) and bEAST (Halifax, Juniors) both received perfect spirit scores over the course of CUC. Spirit winners in other divi- sions were Maverick (Kitchener-Waterloo, Open), Vintage (Montreal, Women’s), and Flood (Winnipeg, Masters).

Ultimate Canada Magazine —

CUC BY THE NUMBERS • 68 teams • 1525 players • 304 games • 4500 spectators • 21 observers • 200 volunteers • 20 fields • 12,330 litres of water • 1 weather delay (with less than half an hour left in the final playoff game of the tournament!)

• 5 proud teams going home with gold

MVPs (as selected by 2nd place

teams at the end of the gold medal games) • Open: Morgan Hibbert (Furious George)

• Mixed: Jeremy Norden (Team Fisher Price)

• Women’s: Alyson Walker (Capitals)

• Masters: Al Nichols (Nomads) • Juniors: Mira Donaldson (Shock)

CATCH UP ON THE ACTION FROM CUC 2011 Full video coverage of Women’s, Open, and Mixed division finals is available at www.rogerstv. com/cuc2011 and on Rogers On Demand. Full written results are available at results.

OBSERVERS AT CUC At CUC 2011, 21 Observers

worked 78 games overseeing a total of 1,709 points. The observers represented all six regions. Teams could request observers for any game and all final games were observed.


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