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Twenty five students pass British Airways Flag award

THE BRITISH AIRWAYS Flag award is the qualification taken by BA

cabin crew in recognition of their proficiency in speaking, listening and under- standing another language, and the test is also run in schools. Twenty-five students from Year 8-11 passed the test last term; in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

Villiers has been running the BA Flag awards scheme for four years in Hindi, Panjabi, Urdu, Polish, French and Spanish. We encourage the students to take the test because the rewards they will reap in the future will put them ahead of the game when it comes to employability and application to university.

In our increasingly globalised world it is vital that our students put themselves at the forefront

Little Mermaid Panto Mayhem

FOLLOWING dismissal of stu-

dents on the last day of term before Xmas, a selection of specially invited, deserving students returned to school for the Xmas pantomime they will never forget! Little Mermaid was a show which

was no holds barred pure mayhem, make-up and madness. This time it was the staff who entertained student guests, governors and parents, with costumes and dramas, false starts and false eye-lashes, this was a show to show the other side of those so dedi- cated to teaching and learning. Mr Murphy and his team excelled

in this production, with awesome performances from Ms Bridson, Ms Nagi, Mr Street, Mr Robinson and Mr Curran (a natural in his Father Xmas outfit…) and not forgetting Mr Murphy in frock ‘n’ heels on full and fine form! Ms Atwill’s talents as cast costumier never cease to impress; her outfits were stunning works of art. Looking forward to the next one al- ready? Reserve your seat! In the next issue, read all about the long awaited ‘Little Shop of Horrors’!

of multilingual society. Many of our students don’t realise the value of speaking other languages; it puts a high ‘price tag’ on their heads when it comes to earning a good salary in the future.

We want all parents of Year 7and 8 to encourage their children to study another language at GCSE, and the latest news is that we will soon start a Somali language BA Flag Award test next term.

For more information contact the school on 0208 -813-8001- extension 320.

Seeing is Believing XMAS may seem like a long time ago to all of us, but at Villiers we were treated

to two spectacular shows on the very last days of term; in fact so spectacular they had to be featured in this edition, as last term’s newsletter was on its way to us at the time of these shows.

Ms Bridson and her amazing team in the music department produced one of the best ever Xmas concerts at Villiers. ‘Believe’ was a stunning medley of different styles and delivery of music involving a huge number of students from across all year groups. From choirs, to rapping, to solo performances to rock music, with Boyz Aloud and VHarmony winning cheers from the packed audience. Kieran Poorman was a natural as master of ceremonies that evening; he clearly en- joyed hosting the evening.

Taking months of rehearsals and complex coordination of so many students, this show really

was show-stopping, as the hall swelled with pride! Thank you to all those parents who attended this event; it meant so much to the students to see you there.

And the winners are...

ROUND TWO of the Routes into Lan- guages Spelling Bee took place at school earlier in March in front of a small au- dience of students and staff.

Nerve wracking stuff

There were 16 hopeful Year 7 candidates who had to remember how to say and cor- rectly spell 100 words in French or Span- ish. Candidates were individually invited up on stage; pretty nerve wracking stuff but everyone had a go and tried their best!

Regional Final next stage

Four winners with the most correctly spelt words were: Gadier Kadhim and Kamal Omar for French and Kimberley Peters and Pratisha Rodrigues for Spanish.

The four of them will compete at the London Regional Final at Highbury School, North London against all partici- pating London schools. We wish them the very best of luck. Well done to everyone who took part. Look out for more news on round three next term!


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