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product lines, the EC135 and EC145 respectively, represent some of the most popular air­ craft for the U.S. air medical industry. “Our EC135 and EC145 helicopters have steadi­ ly become the helicopters of choice for many air medical operators and programs arou­ nd the country. Both aircraft are multi­mission capable and provide the performance and cabin capacity for many spe­ cialized air medical missions and crews that our customers require,” he said.

American Eurocopter steals the show at AMTC 2011

• Announces 26 Orders • Donates $250,000.00 to MedEvac Foundation

American Eurocopter’s lead­ ership position in the U.S. air medical market was further strengthened with a number of announcements at this year’s AMTC show. The compa­ ny confirmed the sale of 26 hel­ icopters to nine customers ranging across several product lines, and announced the $250,000 donation to the MedEvac Foundation.

“This was a very solid showing for our company, our customers and our helicopters,” said Marc Paganini, President and CEO of American Eurocopter. “Our sales announcements this year


were for a variety of helicopters and really highlighted the depth of our product line for the U.S. air medical market from single­engine to light­ and medium­twins,” Paganini added.

From the single­engine product lines, American Eurocopter announced sales of 10 aircraft. These included one AS350 B3 for EagleMed LLC, four AS350 B3e helicop­ ters for Air Medical Resource Group and five EC130s for Milestone Aviation. “Our sin­ gle­engine helicopters have been gaining traction with operators looking for reliabili­ ty and durability coupled with low operating costs,” said Treg Manning, American Eurocopter’s Vice President of Sales.

According to Manning, the light and medium twin­engine


During AMTC 2011, American Eurocopter also announced the sale of six EC135s with three helicopters purchased by Helicopter Marketing Associates and three ordered by an undis­ closed customer. For the EC145, American Eurocopter identified the sale of 10 air­ craft. There were four EC145s sold to OSF Aviation, three to Sanford Health, two to Duke Life Flight, and one to

Allegheny LifeFlight.

In addition to the many sales highlighted at the show, American Eurocopter and the MedEvac Foundation Intern­ ational announced that Ameri­ can Eurocopter has donated $250,000 to the Foundation to support its efforts and research to promote safety in the industry.

“The Foundation’s research­ related projects directly impact the air medical industry and provide important data to help promote and improve safety throughout the indus­ try,” said Paganini. The dona­ tion will be a $200,000 cash donation, spread over four years, and a $50,000 in­kind donation of simulator time at American Eurocopter’s Training Center in Grand Prairie, TX, which can be used for training in courses such as the new Inadvertent Instrument Mete­ orological Conditions Recovery course. ◆

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Selects NVIO™ NVG CBT Program

Embry­Riddle Aeronautical University has selected Night Flight Concepts NVIO™ NVG CBT program to be used with­ in the Bachelor of Aeronaut­ ical Science Specialty degree program. Embry­Riddle Aeronautical University’s Prescott, Arizona

campus will be integrating the NVIO™ NVG CBT program into one of their Advanced Helicopter Specialty Courses: “Environmental Helicopter Operations.”

In this course students obtain the foundation for heli­ copter operations in varying environmental conditions. The students are introduced to aspects particular to helicopter flight as it pertains to adverse

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