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enhance performance and effi­ ciency. The S­76D helicopter also is equipped with Active Vibration Control and Quiet Zone technology to ensure the smoothest and quietest ride available in the executive heli­ copter class.

“The legendary S­76® helicop­ ter has long been recognized as the premier executive helicop­ ter and is the foundation of the Sikorsky Shares™ fractional fleet. The S­76D takes a proven performer and adds state­of­ the­art avionics and engine tech­ nologies to make it today’s most modern VIP and executive heli­ copter,” said Scott Ashton, AAG President. “The Sikorsky Shares™ program allows our

clients to enjoy all the benefits of the new S­76D helicopter, backed by AAG’s extensive oper­ ating expertise for a truly unique ownership experience,” Ashton explained.

AAG has more than 20 years of experience providing helicop­ ter and fixed wing charter flights, fractional ownership and helicopter maintenance services from its New York and Philadelphia installations. It is the only executive helicopter company to own and operate its own Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 145 maintenance facility and is a Sikorsky Certified Repair Center. AAG has the Northeast’s largest fleet of S­76 aircraft. ◆

eral design features, includ­ ing a next­generation machined aluminium floor and modular litter kits. The interior will include medical equipment racks that will be wall­mounted in an effort to keep the ceiling unobstruct­ ed from head strikes, and contribute to a modular approach for this next gener­ ation EMS interior, thus adding value to the interior and aircraft for multi­mission capabilities or dedicated operations.

The one agreed with United Rotorcraft is one of

customer’s requirements. The AW169 helicopter pro­ gram is progressing as planned with the first flight scheduled in 2012. A signifi­ cant number of firm orders have already been logged worldwide for a range of applications, particularly for EMS duties. A versatile, new generation twin­engine light intermediate category heli­ copter, the AW169 has been designed in response to the growing market demand for an aircraft that delivers high performance, meets all the latest safety standards and

AgustaWestland and United Rotorcraft Sign Cooperation Agreement for AW169 Helicopter

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce the signing of a non­ exclusive agreement with United Rotorcraft, an Air

Methods division, to design an air ambulance interior concept for the AW169 helicopter. AgustaWestland will provide United Rotorcraft a full­scale cabin Mock­up of the AW169 air­ craft for design and full integra­ tion of the EMS interior. This solution will include sev­


the potential EMS interior solutions for the all­new AW169. Key to the AW169 design criteria is its multi­role capability, optimized for sev­ eral applications with the focus being on utility roles, and its role flexibility through a modular concept for rapid re­configuration. The spa­ cious, unobstructed cabin space with constant section geometry can accommodate two longitudinally or trans­ versally mounted stretchers for EMS applications. A wide range of equipments will be available so that each AW169 can be customized to each

has multi­role capabilities. The 4.5 tonne AW169 incorpo­ rates several new technology features to provide the high­ est levels of safety and opera­ tional benefits for its cus­ tomers. New generation tech­ nologies are incorporated in the rotor system, engines, avionics, transmission and electric power generation and distribution systems. The AW169 is set to be the most advanced and cost effective helicopter in its class for a number of applications such as EMS, SAR, passenger and offshore transport, law enforcement and utility. ◆


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