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K­MAX is an innovative heli­ copter that combines unique lift efficiency with the flexibil­ ity of programmable unman­ ned flight to handle a wide variety of military and civil missions.


The AR6201 operates with a frequency range of 118 MHz to 137 MHz with selectable channel spacing of 25kHz or 8.33 kHz. Standard or dynamic micro­ phones can be used with its intercom feature. A voltage meter to measure battery volt­ age is built­in.

By blending a VHF­AM Transceiver and voice activated (VOX) intercom system into one single, attractive and compact unit the operator will not need to invest in a separate intercom system (up to two seats). Further, the new dual­monitor or dual­watch mode allows the unit to scan a second channel/frequency to increase situational awareness.

The AR6201 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) lighting color will be compatible with the Becker BXP6401 Transponder in ”green” and “white­blue” col­ ors. An automated built­in­test procedure increases flight safe­ ty and reliability. The AR6201 is mountable in a 2¼­inch standard instrument recess. The AR6201 will be pin­to­pin compatible with the AR4201 to ensure easy upgrade and replacement. “The new AR6201 is the ideal Ground Clearance/3rd Back­up Radio for Business Aviation. The AR6201 can be easily installed as a stand alone COM radio and wired directly to the battery bus

of an aircraft as it offers an input voltage range from 11 VDC to 30 VDC (emergency down to 9 VDC),” stated Klaus Fruehwirth, VP of Sales and Marketing at Becker Avionics.

“With the ETSO and TSO'd AR6201 installed, flight crews can communicate for ground clearance without turning on the entire avionics system of an aircraft. In addition, the radio provides additional safety as it further can be utilized as a third Back­Up COM, which not only offers 25kHz, but also 8.22 kHz channel spacing,” he continued. The new AR6201 is ETSO and TSO certified and available now. The new AR6203 model, a 160mm variant of the AR6201, will be available in 2012. ◆

“Even in an uncertain econ­ omy, Kaman Aerospace has shown that forward­looking organizations continue to introduce and bring to mar­ ket new products and servic­ es,” said Sheila Carmine, founder and director of the Partnership. The award cites the Unmanned K­MAX cargo helicopter for ‘saving lives through innovation.’ Carmine explained further. “No other unmanned rotary­wing vehi­ cle has the capability and the proven performance of Kaman's Unmanned K­MAX,” Carmine added.

Kaman’s Unmanned K-MAX Helicopter Makes Life-Saving Improvements

The Kaman Unmanned K­MAX cargo helicopter has received the Platinum Innovation Prize from the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership, Inc. The Unmanned


“Kaman is honored to receive a platinum CQIA Innovation Prize,” said Terry Fogarty, General Manager of Kaman Helicopters’ Unman­ ned Aircraft Systems Product Group, who accepted the award on the company’s behalf. “The Unmanned K­MAX’s proven perform­ ance and exceptional lift capability will enable our armed forces to handle combat resupply mis­ sions without exposing air crews to danger on the battlefield, and allevi­ ate the exposure to improvised explosive devices associated with ground convoys. Kaman’s innovation can truly save lives,” Fogarty comment­ ed.

The Unmanned K­MAX, developed by Kaman


Aerospace Corp.’s Helicopters Division and Lockheed Martin, has recently been given the go­ahead for deployment to Afghanistan for the U.S. Marine Corps Cargo Resupply Program. The program meets the urgent need for an unmanned aerial system to safely deliver supplies to U.S. armed forces in combat areas.

Kaman’s manned version of the K­MAX has accumulat­ ed more than 265,000 flight hours in the commercial log­ ging and firefighting industry, where it routinely delivers sling loads up to 6,000 pounds, and one million pounds per day in helicopter logging operations.

Founded in 1987, the Connecticut Quality Improv­ ement Award Partnership, Inc. is America’s first state­ level quality award utilizing the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence cri­ teria. The CQIA Platinum Innovation Prize is the group’s highest award. ◆

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