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during and after REACH site visits. Frequent references to excellent clinical care and the statement that REACH is a model program confirms that Dr. McDonald’s vision holds true.


REACH continues to grow through pre- ferred provider and public/private part- nerships, it strives to innovate and focus on safety and customer satisfaction, Dr. McDonald’s simple “business plan” is proven – the constant pursuit of excel- lence in patient and customer care results in a winning strategy for all involved with REACH. In 2011 REACH earned the

willingly report errors and system defi- ciencies. An atmosphere of trust encour- ages employees to provide essential safe- ty information so there is current knowl- edge about human, technical, organiza- tional and environmental factors. People reach the correct conclusions from safety information, and implement reforms when and where they are needed, and employees adapt effectively to the differ- ent demands of technical problems and adaptive challenges.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE Some believe the best part of their

jobs at REACH is hearing back from patients they have transported, knowing they have made a difference in their lives and the lives of those who love them. “Because of REACH I am alive

today. I would not be here had I gone by ground ambulance.

In fact, that day I

had my time of death declared three times. Some would say that was a bad day – I think it was good. I see things differently now,” said Jim Wilson, known as the “Miracle Man.” “Your crew’s every move while

extending medical care to my tiny life- less child was deliberate and masterful.

Above: A REACH AgustaWestland 109A landing at the hospital. Below: A REACH Paramedic, flight nurse, and pilot makeup a REACH flight crew.

DECEMBER 2011 22

Your pilot explained procedures clearly and I knew exactly what to expect before, during and after the flight,” said a father of a survivor.


External recognition has come in

many forms, but is perhaps expressed best in the response of CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation of Air Medical Transport Services) evaluators,

Diamond Certified designation, rated by American Ratings Corporation (ARC). REACH passed each of the 12-step rat- ing and certification process. The ARC pulled a random test sample of cus- tomers from our company’s files and sur- veyed them by phone. REACH scored a composite score of 96.5 out of 100. “Comments and lessons learned for

our Diamond Certified experience inspire us and push us to learn in those areas where we can stand to improve,” said Jim Adams, CEO.

“Dr. McDonald

would be proud of all of us – this survey shows we continue to ‘do what is right for the patient,’” Adams commented. ◆

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