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every night,” added flight nurse Jade Reese. “These awards add validity to all of our efforts to make safety our primary goal,” Reese contin­ ued.

VerticalPublisher Mike Reyno, Enloe Flight Nurse Jade Reese, Med-Trans Chief Pilot Don Savage, Med-Trans Assistant Chief Pilot/ Training and Standardization Mike Lamee, Med-Trans President and CEO Fred Buttrell, Enloe Flight Nurse Neal Cline, Clinton Burley President and CEO, HealthNet, Justin Watlington Chief Pilot ASU

Aviation Specialties Unlimited Honors Night Vision Award Winners at AMTC

Aviation Specialties Unlim­ ited, (ASU) honored the first annual Night Vision Award win­ ners at an awards ceremony in St. Louis, Missouri at the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC). Winners were select­ ed for a Five­Year Service Award, 10­Year Service Award, Community Awareness Award and Mark of Excellence Award. “There were a lot of great nominations this year and we were honored to recognize them at AMTC with their fellow operators across the country,” said ASU Chief Pilot Justin Watlington.

Travis Country STAR Flight in Austin, Texas and Med­Trans


Corporation from Lewisville, Texas were given the Five­ Year Service Award. HealthNet Aeromedical Services, from Charleston, West Virginia, and Enloe Flight Care from Chico, California were given 10­Year Service Awards.

“As an early adopter of night vision technology we appreciate that ASU has cho­ sen to recognize our pro­ gram,” said Clinton Burley, HealthNet President and CEO. “Night Vision Goggles posi­ tively impact the safety para­ digm of our program. We are committed to the continued use of life saving technology,” Burley added.

Enloe Flight Care was also presented with the Comm­ unity Awareness Award. “We were honored to receive the award,” said Neil Cline, senior flight nurse for Enloe Flight Care. “We are proud that our efforts to strive for safety were recognized,” Cline com­ mented. “We are out there putting our lives on the line


Casey Ping is the Program Director for Travis County STAR Flight. “We were very excited to be selected,” said Ping. “Implementing and bringing an NVG program to maturity takes time and com­ mitment, and this award is public recognition of that effort. There are a lot of safe­ ty­oriented, high­quality, patient­centered programs in the U.S. These awards bring attention to the efforts of the industry to adopt technology, which greatly enhances the safety of night operations,” Ping explained.

The Mark of Excellence Award winner was Med­Trans Corporation. “When we first used NVG there was not the same level of acceptance,” said Fred Buttrell CEO and President of Med­Tans Corporation. “ASU helped pioneer a way for NVG use, helped us and many others. We looked to see how we could share what we knew. We never looked at NVG as a competitive advantage, but as a critical link to operator’s safety,” Buttrell added. Earlier in the year awards were given to EMS Operators, Era MED LLC, Geisinger Life Flight, Air St. Lukes and Inter­ mountain LifeFlight. For a complete list of winners for 2011, or to obtain a nomination form, visit

“We look forward to honor­ ing more deserving operators

in 2012. We encourage opera­ tors to submit their nomina­ tion forms for the next round of Night Vision Awards,” said Watlington. ◆

Becker Avionics Announces TSO certification of New AR6201 VHF-AM Transceiver

Becker Avionics announces TSO (Technical Standard Orders) certification of its new high performance, com­ pact 2¼­inch, AR6201 VHF­AM Transceiver, with 8.33 kHz channel spacing and integrat­ ed voice activated (VOX) inter­ com system. The intercom feature allows up to two pas­ sengers with a standard or dynamic mic. The AR6201 con­ tinues the legacy of its prede­ cessor, the AR4201 VHF­AM transceiver, which set the industry benchmark for its reliability and performance. With more than 18,000 units sold, the AR4201 has been the trustworthy companion for thousands of pilots flying mil­ lions of flight­hours.

The new AR6201 is built using state­of­the­art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology resulting in a highly efficient transmitter and very sensitive receiver. The AR6201 represents a quantum leap forward in technology, performance, technical sophistication and

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