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Night Flight Concepts Unveils New Aviation Laser Defense Solutions

Night Flight Concepts announced recently at the “Laser Illumination of Aircraft Conference, a Growing Threat” a new suite of products, Laser Armor™. These new optical systems for laser defense offer equipment and training options to help aviation organ­ izations defend against laser attacks. Laser Armor™ aids in the planning and implementa­ tion of a coordinated response that protects personnel and equipment from voluntary and involuntary laser strikes, while at the same time extending operational capabilities and readiness in night operations. “Our company is pleased to support this strategic confer­ ence that is raising awareness of the growing problem of inappropriate use of lasers ille­ gally targeting aircraft,” said Night Flight Concepts President, Adam Aldous. “Our approach is to support a multi­ faceted response to the issue that includes national flight legislation and the adoption of preventative measures by flight organizations to prevent potential illuminations or mini­ mize cockpit disruption,” Aldous added.


Night Flight Concepts Laser Armor™ is a new line of prod­ ucts designed to provide unique protective products to assist civil, government and industry aviation organiza­ tions worldwide. This is accomplished through increased laser strike readi­ ness that helps prevent possi­ ble damage to personnel and equipment. The up­side is improved operational safety and performance. The solu­ tion suite delivers a complete platform of products and services for civil aviation laser defense that complement existing night operation for fixed­ and rotary­wing flight programs:

- Laser Armor™ Aviator Glasses

Designed for use at night, Laser Armor™ Aviator Glasses optimize protection from intentional or incidental laser strikes without compromising the wearer’s ability to per­ form on the job. Glasses absorb 99.5 percent of green laser and 97 percent of blue laser strike beams without compromising pilot visual acu­ ity or cockpit display panel color recognition. Several styl­ ish, ergonomic frame styles offer exceptional optics and laser defense as well as com­ fort to enhance user job per­ formance.

- Laser Armor™ LIF (Light Interference Filter)

Designed for use with lead­ ing Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), the Laser Armor™ LIF protects image intensifier


Associated Aircraft Group (AAG) announced recently it is accepting deposits for the Sikorsky S­76D™ helicopter in Sikorsky Shares™, the Sikorsky

tubes from damage from intentional or incidental expo­ sure to laser strike beams. The Laser Armor™ LIF will absorb laser strike beams (absorbing 90­99.5 percent of the beam energy), to protect the image intensifier tube from laser spot damage.

- Laser Armor™ Aviation Laser Defense Training

Bundled with Laser Armor™ glasses and LIF products, Laser Armor™ Aviation Laser Defense Training provides a flexible, self­paced e­learning opportunity to provide the necessary educational context on laser strikes, product capa­ bilities, limitations and opera­ tion requirements to help improve user performance. The program addresses the need for education about laser strikes and covers mitigation techniques most effective in the public safety sector of avi­ ation.

- Additional Free Support: In addition to these new solutions, Night Flight Concepts continues to support their educational initiative a website dedicated to helping aviation organizations world­ wide access laser strike educa­ tion, training and resources. This site is a central resource for sharing industry best prac­ tices, regulations, news and solution options to facilitate laser defense program plan­ ning in civil aviation opera­ tions – both fixed­wing and rotary­wing. ◆

- Laser Defense Program Consulting Services

For organizations looking for additional guidance on program planning and imple­ mentation, Night Flight Concepts also offers consult­ ing services to assist with Laser Defense Program devel­ opment.

fractional ownership program. The S­76D helicopter is a high­ ly advanced and much antici­ pated new model for execu­ tive transport and other mis­ sions. AAG is a subsidiary of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., which is part of United Technologies Corporation.

AAG Accepting Deposits for S-76D™ Helicopter

The aircraft features indus­

try­leading technologies, including de­icing so that the S­76D helicopter can be flown during unpredictable winter weather. Its advanced main rotor blade design and new Pratt & Whitney engines

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