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Becker Avionics, partner with Axnes Aviation AS for sales and marketing, as well as product support services for the Polycon Wireless Intercom Extension System for North and South America, now offers the Polycon Aircraft Wireless Intercom System (AWIS) solution for the U.S. Army’s UH­72A Lakota light utility hel­ icopter model. The Polycon AWIS is com­ patible with rotary and fixed wing aircraft analog and digital wired intercom sys­ tems, such as Becker’s DVCS6100 Digital Audio system, which is installed as stan­ dard equipment on the UH­72A fleet and its variants.

The Polycon AWIS provides the capabil­ ity to have audio communications between Lakota crewmembers in and away from the aircraft – for example, dur­ ing equipment and passenger loading operations. The system eliminates com­ munication restrictions by providing


seamless hands­free wireless communica­ tions to all crewmembers in order to per­ form safe and effective cargo loading, air­ craft maintenance, engine runs, refuel­ ing/defueling, pre­ and post­fight checks, and other external mission requirements like hoist and sling­load operations. “Current helicopter wireless intercom systems are utilized for short­range com­ munications in and around the aircraft. But their range is limited to 1200­1500 feet. If the operator uses drop cords, these cords physically connect ground and air­ crew members to the aircraft,” Brett Gardner, Director of Sales and Marketing for Becker Avionics, Inc., stated. “Being tethered to the aircraft by a cord restricts the user’s movement and offers the potential risk for becoming tangled with other cords, equipment, and the aircraft thus complicating ground operations. In addition, ground and aircrew are forced to


use hand signals in case the length of the cord is too short. The Polycon system eliminates all that and provides effective, long­range communication capability,” he continued.

The Polycon wireless intercom system provides hands­free, semi­duplex commu­ nication, which allows an unlimited num­ ber of users on a single channel. The prod­ uct was developed to meet rigorous demands of military and civil aircraft mis­ sions, operating in extreme conditions. Its rugged construction with long­range capability and semi­duplex communica­ tion integrates the external operating crew as a component of the aircraft inter­ com system and provides increased situa­ tional awareness and safety.

Becker Avionics International www.becker­

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