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THE AND FEEDING OF YOUR MEDICAL How do you build trust among your crew?

I’m always impressed when I ask one of the med crew a question that they don’t know the answer to, and instead of trying to BS me with some verbal gymnastics, they answer,

“I don’t know.”

Those who are truly interested in building a strong sense of team will go one further and fol- low with, “I’ll find out and get back to you.” Now in the greater scheme of things my ques- tion will likely have little to do with my flying the aircraft and my interest is probably curiosity- based on something I overheard or might have seen or watched on a late night re-run of ER, but once someone tries to baffle you with big medical dictionary words that you and possibly they don’t know the meaning of, instead of being willing to acknowledge they don’t know, the respect chain is damaged. This

concept of course works in both

directions. Most experienced medical crews have been around aviation in some form or fashion for a period of time that they pick up lots of indus- try lingo, useless facts and some actual practical


area expertise. Invariably a question pointed in your direction will be proffered to others whose paycheck lists the same occupational specialty as yours and they may actually know the correct answer to what was asked. Now your credibility is tarnished. I remember flying on a Southwest flight

many years ago and while we were getting ready to land a lady in the same row asked her male companion how they landed the plane when the weather was bad and they couldn’t see because of clouds. Well I wish this hadn’t happened about 15 years ago (no cell phone with a recording device) because his explanation, which had not a sliver of fact or truth to it, was a fan- ciful concoction that he may have


believed and she certainly did. His willingness to conjure up imaginary sign posts and fanciful descriptions, if found out later would likely not affect her willingness to fly with him again, after all he was nowhere near the controls, but what if your pilot tonight tried to con you with half truths and slight of hand when you asked a direct


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