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So you want to be an EMS Pilot? What to expect

10. Becoming a Firefighting or Utility Pilot 11. Habits of great Pilots and Mechanic: Basic Survival 101

12. Other Topics TBA “So far, each year we have received tremen-

dous support from the industry for this much needed event. In addition to myself, we have guest speakers from several of the largest players in the helicopter industry including Bristow Group, Night Flight Concepts, Air Methods Corporation, ERA Helicopters, Med-Trans, Flight Safety International, and Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, just to name a few,” Lyn Burks said.

Who might this seminar benefit?

1. Students presently in a Pro Pilot Training Program.

2. Flight Instructors getting ready to break out of the training environment and into the real world.


4. 5.

Pilots and Mechanics considering transfer- ring to other sectors of the industry, i.e., GOM to EMS.

Pilots and Mechanics transitioning from Military to Civilian.

Professionals wanting to meet the Helicopter Operator Hiring Authorities at the Operator/Attendee Networking event.

What's included in your 2011 Seminar/Networking Event Package

1. 2 Day Career Development Seminar 2. SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: Two seminar attendees will be awarded Scholarship Funding for advanced helicopter training.

3. FREE e-book titled Your Resume vs. The Helicopter Industry! Resume Guide for Helicopter Pilots and Mechanics

4. FREE Catered Lunch on Day 1 5. FREE ENTRY into Employer/Attendee Networking Event

6. Course Materials and Sponsor Products 7. Discounted room rate ($62) at the host hotel, The Riviera Resort, Casino & Conference Center

ing this a career, or if it’s been a lifelong career, you should take the time to go.

Last year we

had a table at the job fair/networking event, as we were looking for some new team members and had heard great things about the event.


was amazed at who was there. It’s almost like the best kept secret in the industry, and to tell the truth, if I didn’t care about the industry and everybody in it, I would keep it a secret so I did- n’t have to share all the cool people and amaz- ing industry contacts the event affords.”


Helisuccess attendee awarded advanced flight training scholarship

“Currently, pilots looking for jobs must make themselves stand out more than ever.

Individual Point of View Dennis Pierce, Owner, Colorado HeliOps - There are

a lot of pilots out there looking for their first CFI job, their next career step, and even high time pilots looking to improve their positions. I have received hundreds of resumes over the past two years and met many pilots and mechanics look- ing for new opportunities.

I tell them all the

same thing, ‘The number one, best thing they can do for their career is to attend the HeliSuccess Career Seminar in Las Vegas.’” Whether you are just thinking about mak-

Rune A., Helicopter CFI - “After the first

couple of speakers, it was clear to me that this seminar was different from other seminars/con- ferences I had previously attended. My pre-avi- ation career in IT, telecommunications and busi- ness development had given me my share of conferences. This was profoundly different in that


whole setup was rigged towards the goal. The speakers covered the most relevant, interesting aspects of career development within the heli- copter industry. Equally as important, frequent breaks were incorporated in the program. Before each break, it was emphasized that breaks were valuable opportunities to get to know the other attendees and the speakers. Even though I was not the primary target

group (having gotten my commercial two days before with a total of 151 hours) I felt welcome and was surprised to see how eager everybody was to learn about each others’ situation and give hints on how to reach goals. Throughout the breaks I got to rub shoulders

with a few potential future employers and I learned a lot more about how to move on in this indus- try, even with relative few hours in my log book. This setting was perfect for building a net-

work within this industry. HeliSuccess gave me the foundation for a network and since writing this, has led to opportunities which resulted in my current position working as a Helicopter Instructor Pilot.” Bob L., Tour Pilot, Papillon Airways


“As I think back on the Heli-Success conference, I believe the mindset I brought with me was helpful.

needed to make the most of the conference.

I arrived with the frame of mind that I I

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