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PEOPLE IN PARKING KristaAltok Tassa, President of

MobileNow!, said the company’s Park Now! solution has been selected for a pilot project in downtown Bethesda, MD., encompassing some 1,250 park- ing spaces and on-street meters. This pilot marks its largest U.S. installation to date. “We are delighted to launch this project in Montgomery County since Bethesda ... should be well-suited to adoption of new technologies such as paying for parking through cell phone, Rick Siebert, Chief of the MCDOT’s Property Development and Planning Section, said, “We conducted a full RFP process to select our vendor for the pay- by-cell pilot program.We believe that (MobileNow!)will be a great partner for the project.” The National Parking Associa-

tion has named John L. Fiegel, CAE, as interim president, effective Jan. 19, 2010. Fiegel has served as an associa- tion management leader for more than 20 years following a distinguished mil- itary career. He has worked with stand- alone organizations as well as provided services through association manage- ment companies. "We are delighted to have someone of John's caliber to lead us through this transition period," said HerbAnderson, NPA chairman. "We feel strongly that his expertise and many years of association management experience will serve us well." Fiegel has provided interim executive leader- ship to a number of organizations in transition, including the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals, Destination ImagiNation and the National Ornamental and Miscella- neousMetalsAssociation. CambridgeArchitectural said its

metal fabric system offers an upscale building façade while beautifully manipulating light at Closson’s Design Center in Oakley, OH. The company has been the preeminent resource in Cincinnati area for fine art, furniture and interior design accessories and serv- ices since 1866.On opening a newwing of the design center, Closson’s said it drewinspiration fromits impressive his- tory, expertise and artistic eye to create a facility with unique visual appeal and useful design. McCarthy Building Cos. recently

reached the halfway point in concrete construction on the new 2.3 million- square-footTerminal 3 parking structure atMcCarran InternationalAirport in Las Vegas. One of the nation’s leading


parking structure builders, McCarthy celebrated the midpoint of construction after completing the pour of the 63rd concrete deck. The project comprises 126 structural post-tensioned garage deck pours, and an additional 14 pours for the structure’s circular concrete helix entry ramp. Construction of the $121.7 million parking structure began in December 2008. “Delivering this proj- ect to the owner on-time remains a top priority,” said Ryan Heeter, a McCarthy Project Director. “We will continue to move forward with multiple deck pours per week in anticipation of a December 2010 completion.” Hospital Parking Management

(HPM), a subsidiary of SevenOne Sev- en Parking Enterprises, a leading provider of parking management and valet and transportation services, has

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It was a good experience.As some-

one commented: “How would you like to be tried by a jury thatwasmade up of all the people who couldn’t figure out a way to get out of jury duty.”

*** As correspondentMark points out,

this can’t be right: “First off, contrary to a commonly

held perception among traders, shop- pers were not highly dissatisfied with the quality of parking in the town cen- tre. Spokesman David McGuigan said: ‘In fact, the single most influential rea- son for not visiting Hexham (UK) was seen to lie in its poorer shopping offer than elsewhere.’” Sure enough. They did a survey

and, lo and behold, the reason people didn’t want to shop in this fair commu- nity was not because there was poor parking; they actually felt the parking was OK. It was because the shops were not up to snuff. As you know, I have been saying

this for years. There simply is no substitute for good marketing, good products,


great shops and stores. If you build it, they will come.


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