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“She’s changed. She’s secretive. She keeps strange

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Northeast: Ber-National Automation Rochester andWestern NY 585-482-8525

Ber-National Controls, Inc. Central NY and Syracuse 315-432-1818

Entry Guard Systems Virginia

804-423-6523 800-488-3519

Richard N. Best Associates, Inc. PA, NJ, DE, MD 215-945-9240

Wescor Parking Controls Inc. MA, CT, RI, NH, VT, ME 508-832-6305

Northwest: Entrance Controls WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, AK 206-622-0452

Midwest: Hanen Electric Indiana, Kentucky 812-948-1493 800-377-PARK

Light & Breuning, Inc. Indiana, Michigan 260-422-6456

Signature Control Systems Ohio



Wisconsin, Illinois 262-814-7000 800-236-0112

Southwest: ProTech Access Texas


Southeast: Access Control Systems LLC TN, KY, MS, AL 615-255-4466

Florida Door Control Florida


ITR of Georgia Georgia, Alabama 770-496-0366 Ext 214

JL Roberts & Associates Louisiana, Mississippi 504-831-8113 www.

Southern Time Equipment Co. The Carolinas, 5 locations 800-849-5654

Canada: Ontario Parking Systems Ltd. London, Ontario, Canada 519-667-1482

PARC Automation Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada 866-225-7272

Stinson Equipment Montreal, Quebec, Canada 514-766-3567

Mexico/Puerto Rico: Automatic Control Technology San Juan, Puerto Rico 787-782-6006

Automatizacion y Trafico Alto Mexico


hours. She hangs up the phone when I enter the room. The signs are all there. So I followed her this morning and here you are. I assumed ... ” “OK, now,Mrs.Williams,Mary, why don’t you tell me

why you are here?” She looked at her husband, took a deep breath, and said:

“I got your business card from Shirley. She is the building managerwhere Iwork andwe are friends. She said youwould helpme.” Ah, Shirley, my on-again, off-again girlfriend.We cur-

rently were on again and I liked it. Good girl; she was out there gettingme some business. “I’min big trouble,Mr.Manning, and I couldn’t tell Joe.

Hewould do something stupid like he did just now. I love him, Mr.Manning, but he goes off half-cocked and he could get himself hurt. “I work for a large accounting firm,” she said. “I’m the

office manager and handle most of the administrative tasks. One of them is issuing parking permits for the lot next to the building. I pass out the tags that people hang on theirmirrors. We change themeverymonth.Usually I take a check down to the fellow who runs the parking and he givesme the new per- mits. They are a different color each month. I then pass them out to the people who are eligible for parking. “This month I went down and there was a new parking

manager. He said that they had a new policy and I should pay for the permits in cash. If I did, my company would get a big discount and I would get a ‘finder’s fee,’he called it. “Now I’m just an office manager,” Mary said, “but I

knew this was a scam of some kind. So I told him to take his parking permits and, well, the location of where I wanted him to put themwasn’t too ladylike. “I went back to my office and calmed down. The phone

rang and it was the parking manger. He was angry and told me that I had better have the cash by this Friday or our com- pany would get no parking. “I was stuck, Mr. Manning. I couldn’t go to my boss;

parking ismy responsibility.This guywas threateningme. Joe caught me talking to Shirley, and I didn’t want him to know I was in trouble.” “Threaten my wife, will he? I’ll take that parking

guy apart.” Williams stood up and headed for the door. “Stop him,Mr.Manning. He’ll get hurt.” Williams wasn’t exactly the biggest guy in the room. In

fact, he was 5-foot-5 and 145. He was like a bantam rooster. All fluff and no beak. “Wait a minute,Williams,” I said. “Before we take this

guy down, we need a plan.” I figured that was the best way to stop him for the

moment. Involve him in the process. He stopped, turned around and sat down. I had everything under control, just not a lot of ideas as to where to go fromthere. “OK, I’ll help you out. But you both need to understand

that I knowhowto handle this; it’swhat I do for a living. First, we need more information; I will get that. Then we’ll meet again and talk about it. “There’s obviously a shakedown going on,” I said, “and I’m certain the building ownership knows nothing about it.

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