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PARKTEL CREDIT CARD PAYMENT for POM parking meters using cell phone, Bluetooth®, and Parktel app. Secure transactions processed through PCI-certified PayPal®. No credit card information or other personal data are stored or transmitted. Enforcement is simply via meter display, optionally via access to website. Parktel’s website and user e-mails provide

confirming receipt information. Each city’s secure Parktel log-in has enforcement and management data uploaded from the meters. Upgrade APM Series II and other licensed equipment.

For more information, contact POMIncorporated tel: 800-331-7275 or 479-968-2880 ext 238 fax: 479-968-2840 e-mail: web:


Toledo Ticket: Tickets of Every Description

For 100 years, The Toledo Ticket Company has produced tickets including bar-coded and magnetic-striped machine readable, hand-issued, multi- part valet, pay & display, pay- by-space, and spitter tickets for thermal/nonthermal revenue control. Need access cards,

scratch-offs, validation stamps, monthly hangtags, coupon books, plastic/vinyl hangtags, decals or window/bumper stickers? We’ve got them. We’re certified by most parking equipment manufacturers and provide products in all 50 states and over 30 countries. Print nine colors at once and improve your profitability!

Formore information, Toledo Ticket Co. tel: 800-533-6620; fax: 419-476-6801 e-mail: web:


Chipcoin Transient Control Consider how much time and money you spend in buying tickets, storing tickets, collecting tickets, counting tickets, and discarding tickets. Consider the service required for ticket cutters, feeders, printers, and dispensing equipment. Now consider recovering that time and money. Scheidt & Bachmann can provide to you a State- of-the-Art PARCS equipment employing RFI ChipCoin technology. This reusable transient credential provides years of service without the associated headaches of

traditional ticket processes. This is the future of revenue control.

Formore information, contact Scheidt & Bachmann USA, Inc.

tel: 781-272-1664; fax: 781-272-1654 email: web:


For over fifty years TAPCO has provided the commercial, municipal and private parking communities with solutions and equipment to fit all of their needs. As a proud member of the PARC Group, you’ll find there is nothing we cannot supply, install and service. Our patented BlinkerSigns® are an industry first and when strategically placed in a structure, they take safety to a new level. From entrance gate to pay station, TAPCO has the answers. Call us today, it will be the last call you’ll need to make.

Formore information, contact TAPCO tel: 800-236-0112; fax: 248-374-9610 web:

Federal Buys Sirit Federal Signal Corporation and Sirit Inc., a provider of

radio frequency identification (“RFID”) technology announced that they have signed a definitive agreement pur- suant to which Federal Signal will acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Sirit. Sirit is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of RFID technology for applications such as Tolling, Electronic Vehicle Regis- tration, Parking and Access Control, Asset Management, Cashless Payments and Supply Chain Systems. The combi- nation of Sirit’s RFID technology with Federal Signal’s detection and classification technology (acquired in the December 2009 purchase of Diamond Consulting Services) and existing PIPS automated license plate recognition tech- nology, immediately transforms Federal Signal into a leader in Intelligent Transport Systems.

Trans-Tech is a leading manufacturer of high quality LED signs and signals, and has been serving the parking industry for more than 80 years. As experts in this industry, we not only specialize in providing you with superior quality products, but with custom parking signage solutions tailored to your specifications. We boast some of the fastest lead times in the industry, an excellent warranty package, and a customer-centric attitude.

Formore information, contact Trans-Tech tel: 888-811-7010; fax: 814-836-8401 e-mail: web: FEBRUARY 2010 • PARKING TODAY • 47

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