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Parking Industry Exhibition SPONSORED BY SPONSORED BY

Trade Show and Seminars March 7-10, 2010 • Chicago (O’Hare) IL

Sessions 2010 Technology

Using the ‘Net - Set upWebinars to bring information to your employees...and customers. Cities - starting a new program - let social networking sites (Facebook) help you sell the pro- gram. Staff need training, use webinars to meet “their” sched- ules. This will be a hands on example of how these things really work. Stephanie Brown from Constructive Communications and Andy Van Horn from Parking Today.

Meet themanufacturers

They get two and a halfminutes to catch your attention. The tech- nology vendors will have a brief chance to tell you what is “differ- ent” about their products. Everyone tells you what’s the same. “A gate is a gate, right?”Well find out what’s different.Over 20 com- panies will race to get your attention.


We started the seminar, and are the only one with guts enough to show it again. You know there are problems in your garage, or with your collections. Find our first hand what they are and what to do about them. Two seminars about revenue control. On and off street, and auditing-how to count the money. These controversial presentations tell it like it is and make a lot of people think. Come and learn. The information in these two seminars will pay your way to Chicago many times over. Dennis Cunning from DLC Consulting and Joe Sciulli fromChanceManagement Advisors.

OMG- not another case study

We have selected a number of case studies, only 10minutes each, that quickly and with pizzazz give you solutions to common park- ing problems. The presenter explains the problem, the solution and then we move on. If you want the details you can get them. On street, off street, back office, you name it, we solve it. We asked our attendees what they wanted to see, and then found the folks to give the presentations.

Got aproblem?We have theAnswer

NOT! We don’t have the answer, but your colleagues will. Sit around a table? Ask a question, and have someone that actually solved that problem tell you how. Sessions on Airports, Universi- ties, Cities, Operators, Developers, and everyone else. In these sessions, actual people who solved actual problems give you the real scoop. Does a particular manufacturer’s stuff really do what they say it does? People who have used it will tell you (or give you their number and you can ask themin private.)


No, you won’t get a ticket, but you will meet a lot of people. It’s like speed dating. You get a minute to exchange cards and a bit about you and your issues. Then later, you can meet up on the exhibit hall floor, or in the bar, or at dinner, and talk in detail about parking. Many long term relationships have started at PIE. We aren’t sure aboutmarriages, but certainly people do stay in touch. A year fromnowyou come up against a problem. Remember that guy youmet for twominutes atPIE -hemighthavethesolution.Whereishis card?PT’s Editor keeps youmoving, andmeetingpeople.

44 FEBRUARY 2010 • PARKING TODAY • Curmudgeon vsCurmudgeon

PT’s Editor and its overseas correspondent Peter Guest go head to head onwho can tell themost educational stories using today’s head- lines. This presentation is entertaining, but also educational. Find out why people in the UK can afford surgery, but can’t afford to park at thehospital – Let JVHtell youthe inside scooponall those Eight count ‘em, eight electric cars in Cincinnati. Laugh and Learn with PT’s resi- dent grouches. JohnVanHorn and PeterGuest.

People –Gee ifwedidn’t have to havedrivers andif cars couldpark themselves

Your customer is your biggest asset but they sometimes get out of control. How do you train your employees to deal with problems, and turn them into returning, happy customers. Hear from an expert. He made his team winners and turned the war with cus- tomers into awonderful peace.MarkMorris, Lanier Parking.

Automatedparking-Will itwork for you?

PT’s Editor thinks it’s a pipe dream. Smarter people think he’swrong. Come to this seminar and learn about the technology that stacks cars like cordwood. After nearly a decade in the wilderness, Automated parking is back. Three experts in the field talk aboutwhat’s coming – and then a panel of five answers your questions.

Gain 10%moreparking space in your garage – and your customerswill love you

They call it Parking Guidance – three experts, yes they are ven- dors, talk about those little red and green lights and how they can increase your space, your revenue,make you popular, andmaybe a little “green,” too.

What was learned at the University and what was learned after?

Drawing on nearly twenty-five years in the industry - as parking and transportation director at the University of Pennsylvania and Georgia Tech, and now as a Consultant get some hard-won “lessons-learned” from years of delivering and improving P&T services in the politically-charged, customer-sensitive university parking environment. Bob Furniss-ChanceManagement Advisors

Card payments - Domore with less and reduce your card security requirements

Let’s be frank. The onlyway amerchant (company accepting card payments) can be absolutely sure the business is safe from card data security breaches is not to accept card payments. But how many businesses can afford such restriction? Find out how to be secure while also giving your customers the ease of use that they need.- Fabien Pesenti, SIX Card Solutions USA Corp.

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