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Editor’s note: These posts from ParkingToday’s Blog were

selected at the deadline for the February 2010 issue, which is Jan. 7. Therefore, the themes may relate to the new year as they were written in December.To be up to date, check PT’s website daily.

Predictions for 2010 You have to be kidding. I have looked back over my predic-

tions in the past, and even those that I personally have absolute control over have not come to pass. Predictions are great because, in the end, no one ever goes back and checks out what you said a year ago and holds you to account. I went back a few years to see if I had made any predictions

that could come back to haunt and found that, in fact, I did not – at least in the last seven years. I must have learned my lesson early on. Sometimes folks in this industry can be a tad sensitive and

take my attempts at prognostication and humor the wrong way and immediately callme and their lawyers, so Imust have felt that it might be best to leave well enough alone. I will make some predictions that I can be fairly sure will

come to pass, since I am in control, at least partial control: 2010 will see Parking Today, ParkingWorld and our parent

   

 

                         

Bricepac moving into an actual bricks-and-mortar office.We are renovating the space as we speak (posted Jan. 2), and will be disrupting the lives of our “virtual” staff in the next month or so. I believe that all change is good.We shall see. 2010 will see more travel for our senior staff. Andy and I

will be on the road around the world. I leave Tuesday for DC and then on to the UK, then back toAtlanta and then home.We have three shows inMarch – Birmingham,UK,Amsterdamand our own PIE in Chicago.May is the IPI inVegas, then of course the NPA in Boston, and symposiums in theMiddle East, China, Canada, Brazil, the Philippines and Australia. If that’s not enough ... we will be in attendance at local and regional meets in NewYork, Florida, Texas, California and others across the fruited plain. 2010 will see a new dog and cat or two at our manse in

Los Angeles. I’m lonely. R tells me that I have to stay at home more before I get a dog; they need training and companion- ship. I agree, but that Shepherd/Dobie-mix puppy I saw last week at the Amanda Foundation in Beverly Hills grabbed my heart and didn’t want to let go. In 2010, content will be king as far as PT and PWand our

blogs are concerned.We have new writers for ParkingWorld and you will see a lot of their blogging and articles up at the PWweb site. I am tasking them with input into PT, plus we are reaching out to knowledgeable folks in our industry. (In Janu- ary’s PT) we had a story penned by a member of the Reason Foundation, and I considered that a coup for our little rag. Look for more in the months to come. That’s enough for now – you have had a peek into the

future of our world. All the best for 2010. It will be a fantastic year, if youmake

it so.

Yes, Dan, It’s for Real Reader Dan is concerned about an article in USA Today.

It says that a shopping mall in a provincial capital in China is opening a parking lot solely for women. It will have wider spaces, more lighting, female parking guides and “cute car- toon pictures” just for women. (The local mall says that insur- ance data – Chinese, I believe – show that women cause 50% more fender-benders and other accidents in garages than do their male counterparts.) I have seen parking spaces reserved for pregnant women

and women with a herd of small children and think that if the mall or store wants to attract these shoppers, more power to them. If the ease of parking close in helps a soon-to-be-mom or a mom with lots of little ones and entices them to shop there, what a great marketing plan. I will say, however, that having entire garages for women

should set the NOW folks on fire. Are the Chinese admitting that women don’t drive as well as men? I would think that this approach should be done at one’s peril.

Parking Feeds My Family Sometimes we lose track of just where the money comes


                 


from. If you work for the parking department of a city or univer- sity, your salary comes from the people who park in the lots you administer. Even when parking is “free,” the money comes from the folks who drive the cars through fees, fines and the like. If you are the parking administrator for a shopping cen-

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