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Call me a reformed red-neck How did it happen?

How did I go from being a pinko bleeding heart to a red-neck bigot? It began, I suppose, with my opposition to George W’s invasion of Iraq.

A lot of people didn’t like that. A lot of people called me names. Names I can’t mention in this magazine. Because why? Because I was right? Forty-four hundred American soldiers have been killed in Iraq. An unmitigated disaster is what I call it. The name-calling started to subside. Now they call me other things, more things I can’t say in Bounder. The burka. So I don’t think a woman should wear them in public. Does this make me a racist? Au contraire. I defend a woman’s right to wear or not wear whatever she wants. I mean, go topless for all I care -- just show your face! Those Tamil refugees. If it were my call I would show them the door. Immediately. Does this make me a bad person? Not that I’m suggesting we close the border; no, that’s not it, but I’m like you ... tired of being taken advantage of. Then there’s the cost involved. The millions upon millions of dollars to put these people up for years on end, while the rest of us struggle to


pay the bills, including seniors, who have worked and paid taxes their entire lives. I know some who are being forced out of their homes. I know some who can’t afford their medication. Like, how fair is that? And these boat people, they get free room and board, free everything when you think about it. Where’s the leadership is what I want to know.

Canadians elected Stephen Harper because he was considered a no-nonsense Conservative. And because he wasn’t a Liberal. Or is he? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. The alleged homegrown terror plot. Some of you were surprised. Not me. We’re the hated West. We’re in Afghanistan. We support Israel. Trust me, we’re a target.

And to pretend otherwise is not only foolish, but dangerous. That massive mosque they want to build near Ground Zero? Yes, I know it’s two blocks away. So what. It’s still wrong. Insensitive. A provocation. Whatever. Yet I’m xenophophic for saying so?

Give me a break, give me anything, like, for example...a drink. God knows I could use one.

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