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For Something and Against Nothing D

by Reverend Denise Schubert

uring the summer of 1959, Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind, a philosophi-

cal, spiritual and metaphysical teach- ing, addressed a group of 1,000 spiri- tual seekers in Monterey, California. In this talk Dr. Holmes said, “It would be wonderful indeed if a group of persons should arrive on earth for something and against nothing.” I first heard this spoken in 1995 and have been capti- vated by the depth of its meaning since. This simple sentence is a powerful clue as to why all of the prayers of billions of people for there to be an end to war, hunger and crime have never success- fully ended any of them. The metaphysics of the Science of Mind philosophy simply states that all that is visible arises from invisible sources and that this invisible source is activated and motivated by thought. Thought in this context includes emo-

tions and feelings. Quantum Physics has offered us the awareness that we are not merely reacting to a world that is fixed and unmovable. It offers us the transformative understanding that we are participants in the creation of everything and that the tool of creation is consciousness. This simply means our inner attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and feelings are in a co-creative relation- ship with what appears in the material world. We really do make a difference! I envision all of us as spiritual bullhorns announcing what we want to the universe with our deepest thoughts and feelings. These become our af- firmations. The universe simply says ‘yes’ to whatever we affirm. This is our creative power to have, to do and to be anything that we can conceive. Most of us automatically affirm from a nega- tive perspective. “I don’t want war.” In order for this affirmation to manifest,

the universe must continue to provide war – so that we can be against it! It works exactly the same if we approach our desires from a positive perspective. “I am for peace. I am for enough food for everyone. I am for prosperity in my life.”

In the spirit of metaphysics, words are not sufficient. We must know that the universe cannot be fooled by our words. Someone once said that you can’t simply “smear” some positive thinking on top of a pile of negativity. Understanding this makes the wisdom of Mahatma Ghandi clear, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If as creative beings the tool of our creations are our thoughts, then direct- ing our thoughts in powerful, positive and affirmative ways is to become a beneficial presence for the world. If the invisible substance of the universe becomes visible by virtue of thought, attention, attitudes, beliefs and feelings --- I would much rather have it creat- ing visible peace than visible war.

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Rev. Denise Schubert is an ordained Science of Mind minister, a California native, where she studied under renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center.

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It is

impossible to create peace by loathing war. Peace is created by being peace. This is awesomely simple yet amazingly powerful. I invite you to focus on what you

really want when you are feeling anger, resentment or fear. Practice being “for” something rather than “against” some- thing. “I am for more peace in my life” rather than “I want less conflict”. Try it. The universal creative principle is your partner in the creative process. It happily joins forces with you in mani- festing a life that is everything you want your life to be. Watch as you shift from participating in problems to powerfully dancing in solutions.

Reverend Denise Schubert is the Spiri- tual Director of the Raleigh Center for Spiritual Living, a Science of Mind com- munity. The Science of Mind is a practi- cal and positive philosophy, a faith, and a way of life. Visit online at www.cslra- or on See ad on this page.

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