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NATURAL ZEN CLEANING 919-246-4978 Raleigh * Durham * Chapel Hill

Time to meet the hardworking souls at Natural Zen Cleaning, e n l i g h t e n e d housekeepers who use

eco-friendly and organic products to scrub, scour, vacuum, polish, and transform any space into an aroma therapeutic Zen den. In their wake they burn essential oils creating a therapeutic setting and leave a trail of organic teas and chocolate treats while burning essential oils creating a therapeutic setting. See ad on page 5.


MARTIN BROSSMAN Integrative Business Coach 919-847-4757

Chart your path to success with Martin’s rapid-results coaching that helps you build a framework for sustainable productivity. Learn to apply Social Media skills for personal branding, networking, market ing and reputat ion management. Call to discuss

individual coaching or group training possibilities. See ad on page 7.

EXPANDINWARD.COM Bill Turner “Jumpstart Your Life” Coach 919-848-6556 www.expand

Reclaim your Power. Unleash your Potential. Live your Purpose. Engage your Passion. Discover your Peace. Partner with Bill to

move beyond fear, tap your inner wisdom, and take charge of your life. With Bill as your ally, dust off your dreams and create the life you desire. One-on-one coaching with Bill will make the difference! Call for a free session.


ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CENTER Darlene Holloway, LMBT , CT , ST Nationally Certified Colon Therapist LMBT NC #638, FLA LMT # MA3984 919 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary , NC 27511 919-380-0023

Darlene Holloway, for over 30 years, has provided colon hydrotherapy to enhance digestion and assist in detoxification. She is the I-ACT 2009 Colon Hydrotherapist of the Year. The clinic offers Lymphatic Massage, Structural Integration, Reflexoloy, various forms of massage, Ion

Detoxification Cleanse, Ear Candling, Biofeedback and Nutritional support. AMTA member, I-ACT Instructor level. See ad on page 21.

COLON HEALTH CENTER Ms. Lou Umscheid, Colon Hydrotherapist 919-960-9580, Chapel Hill

Colonic – an “internal bath” of the large intestine. Suggested while detoxing/fasting: helpful for constipation and sluggish eliminations. $80 or 3/$225. Co n f i d e n t i a l . Re l a x i n g environment.


6400 Falls of Neuse Rd, Suite 201 Raleigh, NC 27615 919-872-2110

Gabrielle Diamante, Colonic Therapist Rebecca Robinson, Clinic Mgr., RN

Let us navigate your internal detoxification program while you relax in a tropical paradise, sip green tea and watch big screen underwater videos. We offer state- of-the-art Colonics, Ionic Detox Footbaths, Neuromuscular massage (for pain relief) & Lymphatic massage (pushes

poisons along). We love our clinic and clients! Mention this ad and receive 15% off combos.


CENTER Kim Dupre, Owner

Nationally Certified Colon Therapist Nationally Certified Massage Therapist 19 years experience 919-730-4542

The only Wellness Center in the Triangle that offers a clinical approach to health and wellness in a private and elegant retreat setting. Colon Hydrotherapy sessions are $85 / 90 minutes which allows the client a more relaxed session than the traditional

60 minute session. Other services include Massage Therapy, Castor Oil Packs, Dry Skin Brushing and Ionic Foot Detox.


SACRED LISTENER Transpersonal Counseling HarDarshan Khalsa, MA, LPC Chapel Hill, NC 919-257-7814

Would you like to feel more complete and in control of your life? Would you like to experience peace? Would you like to learn tools to help you resolve challenges you’ve been dealing with? Transpersonal Counseling is a very holistic philosophy that includes every part of your being

– physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Are you looking for a counselor that you can afford? HarDarshan offers a sliding payment scale! Call today for an appointment. See ad on page 44.


614 DENTAL SPA Dr. Valerie M. Preston, DDS My Hao Tran, Massage Therapist & Esthetician

8320 Falls of Neuse Road Raleigh NC 27615 919-518-0540

Unparalleled traditional and holistic dentistry in a com- fortable spa setting. Dr. Preston and her profes- sional staff respect your choices and make every patient visit a one-of-a-kind

dental experience; replacing the pain and anxiety of ordinary dentistry with the comforts of a calming spa. Massage, facials, yoga and Dr. Hauschka Clas- sic Spa Treatment and Skin Care products. Welcom- ing new patients of all ages. See ad on page 7.

36 NA Triangle

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