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MICHAEL D. FLEMING, DDS PA 1858 Hillandale Road, Suite 200 Durham, NC 27705 919-471-1064

Looking for a dental office that respect s your heal thcare preferences? Dr. Fleming maintains a general dental practice geared toward health-conscious patients and their families in a caring, environmentally friendly setting. He is especially dedicated

to providing dental services to the medically compromised population and those patients with multiple allergies and chemical sensitivities. Dr. Fleming routinely collaborates with other allopathic and alternative health care providers to choose appropriate dental materials and to maximize treatment results. See ad on page 53.



Chad Ray “That Green Builder Guy” 919-389-4832

Save money and energy; earn utility rebates; take advantage of tax credits; protect the environment. Energy Savers is the one-stop whole-house solution for energy, water and

indoor air quality needs, including: sealed crawl spaces and attics, upgraded insulation, window/door replacement, tankless water heaters, mechanical fresh air, solar panels, environmental landscaping, and every energy-improvement possible. FREE assessment. Have a more comfortable, energy- efficient home. See ad on page 7.


NATURE’S FACE Barbara Carr

Licensed Esthetician 919-845-4385

The healthy future of your skin starts here! Our holistic skin care gives you the extra attention and knowledge you desire. Treat yourself to an organic spa facial and gentle natural eyebrow shaping. Give yourself a Mineral LiftTM

–learn mineral makeup strategies that take years off your

appearance–individual makeovers, lessons and classes. See ad on page 56.


FOOT SOLUTIONS Ann Grant and Brenda Ruffin

Certified Pedorthists and Owners Renaissance Village Durham, NC 27713 919-361-3668

Full-service provider of professional state-of-the- art foot evaluations (free of charge), custom inserts, and a complete selection

of the finest in all kinds of footwear designed to alleviate and prevent foot problems, care for diabetic feet, and take your exercise program to the next level. We also supply custom shoes and inserts covered by Medicare, and we do the paperwork for you! See ad on page 61.



Chad Ray “That Green Builder Guy” 806 N Arendell Ave Zebulon NC 27597 919-269-4555

A green home can save up to 50% on electricity, requires less maintenance, is more comfortable, is healthier and safer, has better air quality, protects the environment,

and is a smart investment. Let our team of professionals build the home of the future for your family. We offer a stress-free environment to help make your “green home” dreams come true. See ad on page 7.



GREEN BUILDING CENTER 326 West Geer Street Durham, NC 27701 919-688-1500

Committed to providing the Triangle area with truly eco-friendly options, Common Ground offers a variety of green products - from cabinets and flooring to paint and plaster - for all your building and home improve- ment projects. Come visit our unique showroom, located in Dur- ham’s Central Park District, to see

a wide range of eco-friendly and healthy air products for your home. See ad on page 16.


PLEASANT GREEN GRASS Scott Walker 919-357-8245

Safely making lawns healthy and beautiful without risking your health. Safe and effective option to conventional chemical-based lawn care. Pleasant Green Grass Organic Lawn Care provides an effective chemical-free alterna- tive to dangerous herbicides and

pesticides. We specialize in using all-natural prod- ucts to create a beautiful lawn that is safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment. Our services include fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding, soil tests, biological pest control and more. See ad on page 19.


CAROLINA CENTER FOR INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE Dr. John Pittman, M.D. 4505 Fair Meadow Lane Suite 111 Raleigh, NC 27607 919-571-4391

The Raleigh-based Carolina Center for I n t e g r a t i v e Medicine will assist you in attaining

optimal health through a careful integration of conventional, complementary and alternative therapies. These include intravenous nutritional therapies, nutritional and herbal medicines, heavy metal removal, colon hydrotherapy, hyperbaric therapy, hormone replacement, longevity medicine, and mind-body strategies. Call the Carolina Center today (919-571-4391) or visit our website at www. See ad on page 20.


SEPARATING TOGETHER 2300 Rexwoods Drive, Suite 120 Raleigh, NC 27607 919-755-1923

Considering separation and divorce - but afraid of the emotional and financial toll the traditional adversarial system would extract f r om y o u r f ami l y ? Th e collaborative divorce process, a new and more peaceful alternative, may suit you. Our experienced, independent attorneys restrict their law practices to handling family

matters, such as separation and divorce, through non-adversarial, transformative conflict resolution and settlement negotiation. See ad on page 6.

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