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Max-Viz Production Systems
Department of Commerce Removes Export License
Requirements to 36 Countries in Most Situations
EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, The Department are intended to support military end-uses.”
of Commerce has issued a major revision
to licensing requirements in Thermal *2. Shipments installed in the US are
Imaging Camera and Sensor Technology. exempt. Shipments installed internation-
In contrast to other competitive products, ally must become “integration certified”.
this ruling immediately affects all current This is a one-time certification process
Max-Viz PRoduction Systems. with the Department of Commerce and
Max-Viz believes this ruling will make BIS to make sure the installer or integrator
the EVS procurement process and logis- is certified. Once a lettered, “statement of
tics for our international dealers and cus- integration certification” is approved by
tomers much more straightforward and Commerce, the Installer can then ship
efficient. “This removes a major hurdle without a license requirement to the above
that some of our dealers and customers countries for “civilian use” . In many
have experienced in the past.” said Dylan cases, Max-Viz handles this process.
Anderson, CFO of Max-Viz. He added “It
is a major step forward for our partners
Max-Viz EVS
everywhere and makes it easier for them
turns night into day.
to get the best EVS system on their air- Max-Viz designs and markets the
craft faster.” The ruling is final. smallest, most reliable, popular and af-
The official document may be obtained *1. This is for “Civilian End Use” only. fordable Enhanced Vision Systems for air-
by the Department of Commerce. How- Typically this means, General, Corporate craft available with STC’s on more than
ever, in as a service to our hundreds of and Commercial Aviation, Medical and 60 fixed and rotary airframes. The sys-
Dealers and Customers we provide the EMS, Maritime, Offshore Oil and Gas tems use real-time infrared sensors, sig-
following summary of our understanding Operations and Fire Fighting. The “Mili- nal processing, and a cockpit display to
of the final ruling. tary End Use” is defined as “The rule de- provide flight crews with actual images of
For “Military End Use” or questions on fines military end user as national armed terrain, runways, taxiways, aircraft and
rule interpretation please consult with services (army, navy, marine, air force other potential obstacles much better than
your Max-Viz representative. and coast guard) as well as national guard the naked eye during poor visibility con-
In contrast to many competitive prod- and national police, government intelli- ditions such as light fog, haze, smoke,
ucts, this exemption ruling applies to all gence or recon organizations, or any per- brown / whiteout, light precipitation and
current Max-Viz PRoduction Systems. son or entity whose actions of functions darkness.

The following 38 countries can be shipped to EXPORT LICENSE EXEMPT*
Australia Austria Belgium
Bulgaria Canada
Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland
France Germany Greece
Hungary Iceland
Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania
Luxembourg MaltaBelgium the Netherlands New Zealand Norway
Poland Portugal Romania
Slovakia Slovenia
South Africa South Korea Spain
Sweden Switzerland
Turkey United Kingdom United States
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