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“OH NO! My helicopter will not start!”
Has this ever happened to YOU??
By Judith Worth
Model 53025/12V Model 53050 Model 53105
YES is probably the answer you would at Pratt Whitney on the SR77 engineering advancement in battery history since lead
give. You fly into a remote location for a project and flying as an airline captain acid was developed in 1859. The two ma-
few hours and return to find the aircraft with Eastern, Jim Wurth’s background af- jor advantages of the Lithium START
will not start due to the battery’s age or forded him the necessary knowledge to PAC are that they weigh 40 % less and
cold temperatures. Now you call 911 for develop his first START PAC®. last 2 ½ times longer than comparable
assistance or wait for hours hoping the Three months later, START PAC® lead acid units.
battery will warm up. Very few pilots Model 1324 was being tested at the air- At the recent NBAA show, the patent
carry a spare battery in the back seat. port in Page, Arizona by Pilatus and Clas- pending START PAC® Hi-Brd™ diesel
In 1997, Jim Wurth spent the night with sic Helicopters. Observing the little or gasoline electric GPU was introduced
his MD 500 in the Arizona desert and re- yellow box becoming the focal point at and is the only self propelled unit in the
turned early the next morning to find his Page Airport, Judith, Jim’s wife, made the market place. Once again, Jim Wurth has
ship’s battery was not up to the task. profound statement, “I think we can sell developed a superior product with innov-
Hours of waiting for it to warm up, Jim these.” In the remainder of 1997, 11 ative design at a lower price.
decided this would never happen again. START PACS were sold and the Wurths START PAC’S patent pending Quick
Obviously a cold soaked battery would not were elated. THE REST IS HISTORY. Change features of the portable starting
always start a turbine engine and carrying What started as Rotorcraft Enterprises units has revolutionized the replacement
a portable battery unit would ensure that is now known world wide as START of batteries when their life span has ended.
an engine could be started in any weather PAC® and the product line has expanded Previously customers had to disassemble
condition and/or in an isolated location. to 20 portable and ground GPUs, power the entire GPU which required at least 1
Upon returning to his home on Lake supplies and the first patent pending hour of shop time, maintenance person-
Powell, he began his research into START PAC® Lithium Li2800QC nel, proper tools and training as well as
portable ground power units. What he model. The iron phosphate chemistry in the unit being down. All of the portable
found in the market place did not meet his the Li2800QC is being used in “plug in” START PACS are now designed with the
vision of a light weight portable pack with electric cars and does not contain the old Quick Change technology and now bat-
the latest technology. Having received his cobalt chemistry that produced unwanted tery replacements can be done anywhere
degree in mechanical and aeronautical en- consequences. There is no doubt that by anyone in 10 seconds or less, thus sav-
gineering at Berkeley, working for 4 years Lithium batteries will be the first major ing the customer time and money.
Model Li2800QC Model 1324-10C Model 1628OC
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