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Safe Sex Still Careless
and Reckless Operation
By W. Hunter Old
Many, if not most, com- cording to the FAA’s Sanction Guidance
mercial helicopter pilots Table, if the conduct is considered
know and value the adage: “grossly careless or reckless,” the appro-
“There are old pilots and priate penalty is license revocation.
bold pilots, but there are no In the case involving the cockpit dal-
old, bold pilots.” Occasion- liance, it is pretty clear the conduct al-
ally, however, someone does leged fit under the definition of “careless
something truly bold that and reckless.” The decision only refers to
makes you wonder whether they the interaction between the male pilot and
ever hope to get old. A very recent his female passenger as a “sex act.” How-
case decided by the National Trans- ever, according to the decision, the female
portation Safety Board involved just passenger’s body position prevented ac-
such an incident, where a pilot was cess to the collective pitch control, her
involved in a videotaped sex act head occupied a space very near the
while flying over Southern Califor- cyclic, and both pilot and passenger had
nia. While the facts are titillating, removed their lap belts and shoulder har-
the decision by the NTSB to up- nesses. The FAA’s expert testified at the
hold the revocation of his license hearing that, from what he viewed on the
also underlines an important legal videotape, the pilot’s access to the con-
point. You don’t actually have to trols “was restricted, and control of the
put yourself or your passengers in aircraft jeopardized, by the location of [the
imminent danger to be in peril of los- pilot’s] clothing and the position of the
ing your license. passenger’s body.” The decision states
The FAA probably charges more the videotape left no doubt pilot and pas-
pilots with violation of Section 91.13(a) of senger were unrestrained. Additionally,
the Federal Aviation Regulations than with the videotape revealed the flight in ques-
any other regulation. The section prohibits tion took place over a populated area.
operating an aircraft “in a careless or reck- According to the decision, the pilot’s
less manner so as to endanger the life or defense consisted of the testimony of sev-
property of another.” The FAA includes this eral people that he was a skilled pilot, and
charge on almost every action taken against did not lack care, judgment or responsi-
an airman’s certificate. Additionally, ac- bility. The pilot also testified in his own
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