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Bifilar Cargo System
Always on the lookout for improve-
ments, ecms’ newest system the BCS01
Bifilar Cargo system will turn nearly any
helicopter into a life saving workhouse.
Yes, even the Jet Ranger can now be used
to rescue up to three persons out of remote
areas or the water. For those who always
wanted to or had the need to perform ex-
ternal load operations, but lacked the
funds for the needed helicopter or neces-
sary equipment, the BCS01 is the perfect
With no fixed provisions required, the
system can be installed in almost any he-
licopter in just a few minutes without the
need for tools. For starters, ecms certified
the BCS01 for the much flown Bell 206
for demonstration purposes, but many oth-
ers will follow depending on customer re-
quests since the concept is independent of
helicopter type. The basic Bell 206 ver-
sion of the system is certified for 300 Kg
(670 lbs), but is extendable up to 900 Kg tional control and diminishing rotational ex-military hoist and cabin operator.
(2000 lbs) depending on helicopter type. tendencies. The wide array of experience is used to
The BCS01 follows ecms’ working The ecms team remains relatively small design and produce products that are
principle of the twin rope cargo system. and extremely flexible to customer needs. carefully thought out from all sides of
Based on the concept of the much used The innovation comes from the good mix operation.
AirAcess system that uses two parallel of expert theoretical knowledge and real For the future, ecms strives to search
ropes instead of a single rope, thereby life experience. Included in the team is out the remaining problems in the indus-
eliminating dangerous turning tendencies everything from an air rescue pilot, com- try and find solutions that will make the
encountered during fixed rope or hoist op- mercial helicopter pilot, CFIs, aeronauti- so important life saving operations safer,
erations, the BCS01 offers unmatched cal engineers, aircraft mechanic, and an more user friendly and affordable.

safety and ease of use. Due to the twin
rope system, you actually gain directional
control over your sling load. In addition, a
passive dampening system reduces pen-
dulum instabilities of the load.
The system consists of a cabin mounted
beam assembly incorporating a sophisti-
cated mechanical emergency release sys-
tem with redundancy towards loss of load,
as well as redundancy towards release of
the load during an emergency. Again, no
fixed provisions are required for installa-
tion. Various load attachment devices or
cages can be used to transport common
sling loads as well as Human External
Cargo. Equipment such as harnesses,
slings, rescue stretchers, connectors ect.
are available in connection with the
BCS01 as a certified part of the system.
Like the BCS01, the concept of the
proven twin-rope system is used on vir-
tually all of ecms’ products. Its stabilizing
effect has proven to vastly improve the
safety of all operations by giving direc- • July 2009 17
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