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I’m sure you have all heard of the horrifying stories and seen the
gruesome pictures of hoist operations gone wrong. It does not hap-
pen that often, but it does still happen too much, and when things
do go wrong the end result can be fatal. The most common and
most dangerous hoist operating problem is when the rescuer
and/or patient get caught in the downwash. The then resulting
rotation can knock anyone unconscious or even worse cause
rotational trauma, which can be fatal. Of course hoist opera-
tors have come up with all sorts of solutions, such as min-
imizing the hover and transitioning to forward flight right
away or having an anti-rotational line with an operator
on the ground. In remote areas, where an additional op-
erator cannot be let down to operate the anti-rotation
line or where immediate forward flight is just not pos-
sible due to terrain, another solution had to be found.
ecms Aviation Systems did just that!
Straight up with the NoRo-Hoist!
Just recently, ecms patented a new hoist concept that will
eliminate all the above mentioned problems. With an easily in-
stalled retrofit to your existing hoist, you will vastly improve
the safety of your hoist operations. A successful synthesis
between existing technologies and innovative ideas creates
unmatched opportunities for hoist operations. Using a twin
rope system, the rotational tendencies will diminish and the
load can be doubled, making your hoist more efficient and
much safer for those hanging below. Details will be re-
vealed shortly on ecms’ website at
About ecms Aviation Systems
ecms Aviation systems is an EASA-approved design
and production organization for helicopter equipment.
ecms was founded in 1999 by Matthias Schuster shortly
after his aeronautical engineering studies during which
he noticed a lack of quality equipment on the market in
this specific field. Safety was the key that started the
company and continues to be the number one priority.
Starting off small with a two man team and one well
thought out rescue system, ecms was able to draw Euro-
copter’s attention to them. That was 10 years ago and
the beginning of a growing partnership.
Today, ecms is specialized and market leader in hu-
man external cargo systems for rescue and aerial work
applications, fast roping and rappelling provisions for
police and military helicopters, cargo hook weighing
systems and other mission equipment and helicopter
modifications. ecms holds STCs for more than
seven helicopter families and as an independent
company, not owned or backed up by any “major
player” has great flexiblity and is able to focus on
each customers independent needs. As such, ecms
is a regular supplier not only to operators, but also
to helicopter manufacturers worldwide.
Because it is not only important to have good
equipment, but also vital that it be used and main-
tained correctly, ecms offers all kinds of customer
support services such as crew training, mainte-
nance, and engineering consulting.
By Verena S. Schuster Photos: Verena S. Schuster
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