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Communications Without Limits
For The Tactical Mission
As an airborne law enforcer, your radio is your lifeline. Clear, reliable, long-
range communications are a must for the tactical mission. Wulfsberg radios
from Cobham Avionics in Prescott, AZ enable airborne law enforcers to talk
with the right people at the right time. Cobham/Wulfsberg radios have the
power, range and flexibility you need, because they were designed for the
mission by people who understand the mission. No matter what you fly –
from the smallest rotorcraft or fixed-wing to the largest – there is a
Cobham Avionics product to meet your needs.
Flexcomm: The Right Radio
modules covering any combination of the tems can be upgraded to include the P-25
The right radio can literally mean the 137-174 MHz, 380-470 MHz, 450-520 digital and analog feature set.
difference between success and failure for MHz and 764-870 MHz bands. P-2000
demanding tactical missions. Flexcomm configuration options include P-25 digital
FliteLine NAV/COM Transceivers
is the world’s leading multi-band, airborne an analog trunking, Motorola digital and Cobham’s FliteLine NAV/COM Sys-
FM/AM radio communication system, analog SmartNet and SmartZone trunking, tem delivers military performance without
used by premier agencies, including the plus analog and digital encryption stan- military cost; it can be configured with
FBI, New York City Police Department, dards, including DES-OFB, DES-XL, VHF Comm (8.33 or 25 kHz channeling,
U.S. Park Police, U.S. Customs and Bor- DES, DVI-XL, DVP-XL, AES and OTAR. 118-152 MHz extended range), VOR, ILS,
der Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard and Los An-
geles Police Department, to name a few.
RT-5000: Civilian to Military Civil
Marker Beacon, DME, ADF, color LCD
discrete controls and the RMS 556 Radio
Cobham/Wulfsberg’s Flexcomm com-
Service Support
Management Unit. The system includes
munication system supports all channel Cobham Avionics’ Wulfsberg RT-5000 ARINC 429 digital interfaces, as well as
frequencies from 29.7 MHz to 960 MHz, was the first-ever radio covering all FM conventional analog interfaces to support
including P-25 compliant digital, analog, and AM communication channels from new or retrofit installations. The FliteLine
trunking and encryption standards, for ro- 29.7 to 960 family of discrete NAV/COM control
tary and fixed-wing aircraft used in law MHz. Today, units features color LCD technology.
enforcement, fire control, medical evacu- the RT-5000 NVG compatibility is available, and com-
ation, search and rescue and military ap- continues to bined functionality frees up valuable panel
plications. Flexcomm is flexible and lead the in- space. The controls are a drop-in replace-
secure, with maximum frequency cover- dustry in ment for Series III discrete control heads.
age. Customized packages are available communica-
to fit specific budgets and requirements. tion capabili-
The Cobham Cockpit
P-2000: Small But
ties, fully Cobham Avionics – Prescott, has joined
meeting the forces with other Cobham Avionics and
Packed With Power
needs of ad- Surveillance companies in development of
The P-2000 panel-mounted transceiver vanced agen- the Cobham Cockpit. This approach lever-
features 10 Watts of transmit power and cies. The
Wulfsberg RT-5000
ages existing technologies from different
built-in relay/simulcast along with a color RT-5000 can be configured with two in- companies and integrates them into one
LCD that is optionally night-vision goggle dependent, internal, transceiver modules cost-effective cockpit solution. The Cob-
(NVG) compatible. The P-2000 can be in addition to the main full-range broad- ham cockpit includes the Chelton Flight
configured with one or two transceiver band transceiver. It also boasts P-25 dig- Systems EFIS Synthetic Vision System for
ital and analog trunking and conventional enhanced safety; the Cobham – Kelowna
standards, Motorola digital and analog (NAT) digital audio panel for reduced in-
SmartNet and SmartZone trunking, both stallation cost and complexity; and the
analog and digital encryption standards, Wulfsberg Flexcomm and FliteLine prod-
including DES-OFB, DES-XL, DES, ucts, including FliteLine CD controls, for a
DVI-XL, DVP-XL, AES and OTAR, as clean, efficient, fully integrated solution
well as external interfaces to Type 1 en- that’s ideal for airborne law enforcement
Wulfsberg P-2000
cryption systems. Original RT-5000 sys- and a variety of other missions.
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