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Dear Readers,
ire, fire everywhere here in Southern California!! The dry rainy
season has made ideal conditions for this entire state to go up in flames.
Evacuations everywhere, horses, dogs, cats and people running for
safety. The resilience of horse people is to be commended as they
November / December 2007
come to the rescue of those in need.
Evacuation centers set up at Showpark, the Oaks/Blenheim,
Del Mar Race Track, OC Fairgrounds among others.
Thousands of horses moved to safety in a matter of hours
Kathy Hobstetter
as the fires raged across the land, and as many volunteers in
action to help. See the related story here and follow Managing Editor
developments on our partner website:
Shelley Allyn
ShowBiz distribution area has doubled in the past
month with requests from all over the west and up Technical Editor
and down the coast, so this issue, we have upped our Sandra Murphy
print order to keep up. LOTS of subscription
requests, about ½ coming from the east coast in
Associate Director
order for them to keep up with what’s happening
Susie McCleary
out here. AND the first of the European
requests came in from an International Jumper
Judge from Germany!!
Editorial Department
Sharon Weiss
Seems we have an exceptional young
Holsteiner Stallion here on the coast with us.
Design & Art Direction
Owned by Barb Ellison of Wild Turkey
Farms, the colt had outrageous scores at the
Working Lens Productions
recent Stallion approvals at Pollyrich Farm in
Iris Thompson
Solvang. I heard from some breeder friends in
Justin Phillips
Germany and all they wanted to KNOW was
just exactly what this young horse is. Nice of
Contributing Editors
them to call ShowBiz for the information!!!! Rebecca Walton
Thank you to those who have taken the time
Sandra Murphy
to stop me and give me feedback on what is
Bernie Traurig
interesting to them. Probably the most talked
Kristin Kenney
about was the new “Scene and Heard” column
of who is where and what is what. This month
we will expand on that and AGAIN I ask that
you send me any information you may have.
THAT is what we want to get to YOU, the
For subscription inquiries
reader!!! Information about the people, horses,
or change of address:
shows and products of our sport. It is easy to
Google someone’s name and find a list of the wins,
ShowBiz California
but who are these people really??? 2973 Harbor Blvd.
Happy to have your input…keep it coming!!
(714) 797-1404
Kathy Hobstetter
Founder / Publisher
At ShowBiz California, our forward thinking, motivated staff
Don’t miss out on
is dedicated to informative, educational articles that focus on the
the special Holiday
needs and interests of riders with jumping horses. We appreciate and
accept any and all suggestions, article submissions, photos, barn news,
Bonus “Giving
and buying and selling. Please enclose self addressed envelope with
Thanks” Limited
return postage if you would like submitted items returned. Edition! Very
special pages, at a
Place your business in front of the horse showing public. ShowBiz California offers a
very special rate!
variety of advertising opportunities to promote your business to the horse showing public in the west.
See page 59 for
For more information please contact us at: or (714) 797 - 1404
more, or call Kathy
at (714) 797-1404.
ShowBiz California magazine is published every other month.
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