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Attitude Check
Changing Your Mind...
A Road
to Success
Did you ever think of your mind as your personal
computer that works 24/7? It is a non-stop collector of
information whether we approve of what goes in or not!
Everything that happens around us is filtered through our
mind; some stays and some goes right on by. The problem
can be, on occasion, that we have no control over what
goes where.
We draw into our lives what we constantly think about
Like your laptop or computer at home, once a “virus”
or say to ourselves. “Garbage in or garbage out.” If you
gets in, it can be difficult to clear it out. The best approach,
are always thinking about why you don’t have clean rounds,
in keeping your mind “clear”, is to have a process by which
why you aren’t fast enough in the jump off, why your hunter
you function under pressure. A way to sort and file what
is quick in the corner, why your break isn’t as smooth as
comes in and stays, especially where we have no control
others, then you are programming your mind computer to
over what we hear or see. Riders can develop a process for
make that the reality of your ride.
protection by never allowing negative thoughts to invade
your mind and stay there. Without you ever realizing it,
you can sabotage your riding performance if your mental
computer allows a “virus” to invade and take root.
DO WITH THEM. Take the time while warming up and
The mind is a funny apparatus that actually has “a mind
waiting at the back gate to clear your mind, breathe in the
of it’s own” in a unique way. Unlike a computer, your
mental picture of what you are about to perform, visualize
mind receives input from everything around us, collecting
how your hunter will go, think about your lower leg staying
both positive and negative. Alternatively, very much like
in place and then hum yourself a song if you must. But be
a computer, the mind does not have the ability to make
in control of what your mind is programming itself to do
decisions about what it perceives. What the mind sees,
as you enter the ring…….it will do whatever you train it to
hears or experiences is all reality. When watching a terror
do as long as you run your own “virus scan” at every given
movie, the mind takes it in as a reality situation and cannot
differentiate that it’s only on the big screen with actors and
Control your mind set by not only visualizing your ride,
not a real occurrence. When you go see a sad movie, your
but also imagining exactly how your body feels when
emotional computer tells you it’s real and you cry.
you achieve that winning ride. Visualize the physical feel,
If you are standing at the back gate and you allow yourself
visualize the instant of take off for your hunter, visualize
to say, “Wow, that oxer is big, wow that oxer is big!” Then
the inside turn on your jumper, visualize the soft transition
guess what…that mind computer will store that “the oxer
to the trot in the Medal class….visualize the winning ride.
IS BIG!” When you are looking at that oxer, it is a far
No matter what side of the sport you compete on….. You
better approach to tell yourself again and again, “I’m glad
will visualize and “scan” your “mind computer” into the
we jump oxers at home” or “I really like red on that pole”
winning ride.
or just about anything other than “the oxer is big!!” By
Your mind does not know the difference between physical
placing positive words where your mind will hear it, you
and mental practice, it will respond!!!!! Your mind does not
are planting the seeds of success for that round.
know the difference…BUT YOU DO!!
“The ultimate Trainer is one who is willing to develop riders to the point that they
eventually surpass the Trainer in knowledge, or ability, or success.
The ultimate Trainer is one who takes pride in that achievement!”
- Anonymous
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