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Pony Tales
It’s all about the
by Sandra Murphy
little things...
My seven year old granddaughter’s
Riding lessons have also taken on new
life has changed in the last six months.
meaning for her. Being sure her heels
N What was once a dainty, frilly little seven
are down and she is looking ahead is no
year old pixie, dressed in pink ribbons
longer a chore, “Sage and Hannah keep adorable pink tassels one can
and bows, we now find ourselves “doing

keep their heels down and so can I,” she imagine all the way around the base
business” with a little lady dressed in
now proudly announces as though it is of the shade. We leave it on so that
levis, boots and slapping her leg with a
something we have never heard before. the ponies of her dreams will find
pink crop covered in rhinestones. She
I think she imagines herself in the their way to her bedside each night.
negotiates and bargains with us like
Olympics by the time she is ten, far be She gets a bit frantic if we forget
the best of the Wall Street crowd at the
it from me to tell her it may take a little they may need help in the dark and
Stock Exchange.
longer than that. she reminds us quickly that ALL
The love for the lesson pony she rides,
Her room has taken on a new look ponies need to know they are safe.
Raz Ma Taz, has taken on a new direction
also. Although she will not be convinced I just let her dream those big
in her riding plan. What started out as a
to part with her love of pink, it has now dreams and hug her as often as I can
Sunday afternoon outing to visit some
taken on a new plan with pink pony as we go down this new, uncharted
friends at a horse show, we have now
wall paper and posters of all her heroes path for us. What’s important to her
found ourselves immersed in her new
jumping big jumps on every wall. is important to me for a different
love…showing Walk Trot. She has now
Her latest new possession is a musical reason. For me it is because I want
seen the show ring and I don’t think we
night light we found at the tack store, to be sure we share any moment
can do anything but hang on and pray
two horses with a lamp shade on possible here and there now, before
for air as often as we can!!!
their heads. Of course it has the most she gets too much older.

In Bernies Opinion...
West Coast Active Riders and Zone 10
have been in discussion about working collectively closer
together and aligning their efforts to help structure and You need it...We’ve got it!
improve the entire Jumper Division in Zone 10 and
throughout the West Coast.
- Largest Selection of
In a combined statement between Larry Langer and
New & Used Saddles
Bernie Traurig, it was implied that by the two groups
in Southern California
working closer together, they could move forward without - English & Western
O duplication of efforts and achieve maximum efficiency.
Tack & Apparel
Historically, WCAR has concentrated, to some degree,
- Blankets & Horsewear
on the top end of the sport giving its top riders a chance
to gain European experience. Zone 10, on the other
- Grooming Supplies,Fly
Products & Supplements
N hand, has focused primarily at the mid level of the sport
New items
Consignment Sales
by sending Junior teams to Harrisburg, Young Rider
Championships and Pony Jumper Finals.
Blanket Cleaning & Repair
The hope is that a closer working relationship will be
Clipper Sharpening
tremendous benefit in efforts to improve the sport in the
Tack Repair
West and give riders the experience and encouragement
needed to reach the level of International Sport.
Thrifty Horse also carries
jewelry, gift & decor items,
WCAR will be making an announcement, at the LA books and so much more!
National Horse Show, of the details of the 2008 up
coming European Tour. This Tour will include Nations
760 North Main Street, #101
Cup experience and Grand Prix, European style!
Corona, CA 92880
Bernie Traurig is George Morris’s Associate Chef d’Equippe and was
recently appointed Co-Chairman of the USEF High Performance
Committee with Anne Kursinski. If you would like to contact Bernie, please
We’d love to see you! New Everyday Hours 9am - 6pm!
email and include “For Bernie” in the subject line.
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