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ShowBiz Feature
By Kathy Hobstetter
This is a story about a man and his 4
dedication to our sport of show jumping.
Without men and women of dedication, this sport
would come to a slow, grinding stop and all of us
would be looking around wondering what happened
while we were in the ring pursuing ribbons and fame.
But where did this man come from and what were
his journeys?
Bernie Traurig grew up on the east coast, in Long
Island in a town named Syosset. Although actually
born in Maryland, he lived on the stretched, pointy
Long Island peninsula with his half sister Ruby and
his parents Corinne & Al Traurig. His journeys have
taken him to all points of this country; Maryland,
Long Island, Cleveland, Wisconsin, Colorado, and
finally, here to California. Twenty-one years ago he
landed in San Marcos, where he now lives with his
wife, Caitlin, and an assortment of animals and kids:
Natasha (17) and her Golden Retriever, Lucas (13)
and his Corgie, (children of a previous marriage
to Christine Traurig), Michaela (9)and her French
Bulldog, Bernie and his German Shepard, Cait and
her Malinois, and finally, 2 birds- a Macaw and an
African Grey. The dogs politely roam the house,
and the living room is taken up partly by 2 large bird
Quite a house full, but the sense of harmony is
almost touchable. Dinner at Bernie’s is phenomena
of being scooped up into the family like you have
“...My main mentor was Rodney Jenkins and he
been there all along. Gracious, entertaining, talkative,
friendly, humorous, funny, quick witted and certainly
instilled in me the dedication to other riders and not
educational, are all descriptive words for the entire only myself. He is actually the one who introduced me
family and the time spent together with them.
to the concept of working for our sport, and at the
Guests are treated like royalty, but at the same time
it is so comfortable being there, that you can almost
same time concentrating on the good of our industry,
get up and get what you want from the frig, if the BUT most of all he left me with a long standing
urge strikes you.
impression of the true meaning of horsemanship.”
They live on a beautifully taken care of piece of
property that can best be described as a “cigar” type
And now for his history, lest we forget, and mainly because most of the
parcel of land, long and slim, but meticulously laid
“young-uns” don’t really know who this guy is and where he came from!
out and taken care of. On a sloping up and then
The best way is to just list his accomplishments and successes along the
sloping down piece of real estate, the arena is at the
bottom and has possibly the best footing in the area.

The house is on top of the hill, and is actually an
*In 1961 Bernie won BOTH the then AHSA Hunter Seat Medal and
amazing converted old barn like you would see in
the ASPCA Maclay Finals at the National Horse Show on a horse named
the Midwest with an octagon roof. The character has
“Trouble Maker”, and under the tutelage of V.S. Littauer.
been lovingly preserved and the entire lower floor is
*In 1964 qualified 2nd in the Three Day Eventing Olympic Trials on a
a massive open room with the kitchen at one end, a
horse named “Envoy”.
huge rock fireplace at the other and joined together
*Rode and trained Hurdle and Timber race horses for Mike Smithwick for
by a large, wooden table for community meals with a
one year, “just to get the experience.”
family this size and their friends.
*Won his first Grand Prix in 1973 on “Springdale” in Cleveland, Ohio.
Opposite Page: Top: 1. BT with Bill Steinkraus at World Cup Finals Del Mar 1992. 2. During his eventing days...BT on Envoy in a training session with Olympic team coach,
Stephan Von Vischy in 1964, the year he qualified for the Tokyo Olympic games. 3. BT & Azurit...short listed for 1986 World Championships and 1988 Olympic Team. 4. BT &
Corsair in Tampa World Championship Finals.
This Page: Top to bottom: 1. BT in the beginning 2. BT with his first horse Rusty, purchased for $600, at his first Pony Club show doing walk/trot. 3. BT @ the Mclay Finals
1961. 4. 11 year old BT and first horse Rusty practicing in his backyard. 5. BT on Trouble Maker @ 1961 N.Y. Nationals where he won the Maclay + Medal Finals. 6. BT on
Springdale in 1973, winning the Cleveland GP(his 1st Grand Prix). 7. BT & his first hunter Gimlet, who he trained from scratch right off the race track.
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