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Passion Islam I May 2009 CORRESPONDENCE I 27
emailbox - comments
Thank you for sending me your magazine it was
a very good read. Good luck
Amanda Rai
I have been reading your magazine. It’s
refreshing to see a magazine reporting the
text & emails
stories that I think really matter. Really good work
mashallah. Keep it up!
Send your emails to
Aman Fida
Beautiful Salaat
Hello everyone at Passion Islam, I can see you
guys have been busy, keep up the good work, it’s
truly a great publication
Emma Smith
I wrote to you few months back to take me off
your subscription list, which you kindly did and
thank you for that, I was hoping if you can put
me back on your list as a friend was talking with
me who is a admirer of your magazine and likes
the subjects you tackle and it intrigued me when
my friend sent me the article on Oral Sex which I
found really useful.
I did not come into contact with any Muslim
before I embraced Islam. I read the Qur’an
Congratulations in your first year in publication
never thought you would last more than three
first and realized no person is perfect, Islam
issues but hey you have proved me and others
is perfect, and if we imitate the conduct of the
wrong well done. May it continue.
Holy Prophet... we will be successful.
A Good Friend from Batley
Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)
British, Musician I really enjoyed reading your publication, very
good topics covered, please keep me informed
If you want to comment on anything within the
publication or write for us or just get involved with
Passion Islam email us on
I writing to you from a small Muslim community in
Spain, I was very happy to read your paper and
found it very good, please can you send us more
copies in post.
Hasan, Spain
Passion Islam Media
Now its even easy to contact us, see our contact
us form on our website
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