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Passion Islam I May 2009 ORLD NEWSW I 13
Abu Dhabi to protect Grand Mosque
as a giant at the eastern entrance
of the capital, is completely clad in
marble and also features intricate
Islamic decoration and carvings as
well as extensive landscaping works.
The architectural design of the
mosque as a landmark building
focused on the factors that would
make a lasting impression on the
The main prayer hall can
accommodate up to 9,000
worshippers. There are 57 domes
covering the outside yard and the
main building as well. The domes are
decorated with white marble and the
Abu Dhabi has mapped out a long-
and Islamic culture and identity.
interior decoration is made of marble.
term strategy to protect its landmark
Other principles include
Officials said the mosque had
Grand Mosque which was named after
preservation of the urban setting of
made some world records, including
its mastermind late Sheikh Zayed bin
the Grand Mosque, protection and
that the carpet laid out on the vast
Sultan Al Nahyan and is one of the six
enhancing of the visual experience
expanse is the “World’s Largest
largest mosques in the world.
from a variety of viewpoints and
The strategy was unveiled at
safeguarding and enhancing of the
The carpet measures more
Cityscape real estate show by the
visual experience for all users.
than 5,600 square metres and was
emirate’s Urban Planning Council
Sheikh Zayed’s sprawling Grand
made by around 1,200 weavers, 20
(UPC), which is overseeing the
Mosque was inaugurated in late 2007,
technicians, and 30 workers. Its weight
implementation of the Vision 2030, one
with a capacity to accommodate more
is around 47 tonnes – 35 tonnes of
of the most ambitious development
than 30,000 people. The structure
wool, and 12 tonnes of cotton.
blueprints in the Middle East.
covers an area of more than 22,000
The mosque also holds the largest
UPC officials said the strategy
square metres and some 210,000
chandelier. There are seven imported
was in line with the main guidelines
cubic metres of concrete and nearly
chandeliers from Germany and are
of Vision 2030, which gives priority
33,000 tonnes of steel reinforcement
copper and gold-plated. The largest
to protection of the environment and
was used in its construction.
chandelier has a 10 metre diametre
preservation of the emirate’s Arab
The white mosque, which straddles
and a 15 metre height.
US Scanners to
sniff out `terrorists`
Law enforcement agencies are Institute of Technology have already that it is only a matter of time before
seeking scientists to develop an produced a gel that acts like the smell police will be able to sniff out crime
artificial nose that can detect the receptors in the human nose. Now they artificially.
smell of fear as terrorists pass through are trying to create a version that can
security at airports. isolate the tangy smell of adrenaline,
The US Department of Homeland the stress hormone, so that nervous
Security is advertising for specialists passengers or those with a guilty
to devise airport scanners that will conscience can be singled out.
sniff out “deceptive individuals”. Homeland Security wants a device
The technology builds on recent that automatically compares odours
breakthroughs in finding human with scents collected from crime
scent-prints which, many researchers scenes and held in a “smell bank”
believe, may be as unique to which, like DNA or fingerprints, could
individuals as fingerprints. be used in court.
Body odours also change Last month officials said they only
perceptibly according to mood. wanted to explore the possibilities
Researchers at the Massachusetts but scientists are already predicting
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