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22 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I May 2009
Medical Definition tantamount to having sex in full view Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam),
Sex therapy is the treatment of the doctor. she said, “The women talk of these
of sexual dysfunction, such as things and so do the men!” Rasulullah
non-consummation, premature A Hadeeth of Rasulullah (sallallahu (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) then said,
ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, alaihi wasallam) warns: - “Do you know what such behaviour is
low libido, unwanted sexual fetishes, akin to? It is like a female Shaytaan
sexual addiction, painful sex or “Amongst the worst grade of people meeting a male Shaytaan in an alley
lack of sexual confidence, assisting on the Day of Qiyamah will be that and indulging in sexual intercourse in
people who are recovering from man who has intercourse with his full view of the public!” [Recorded by
sexual assault, problems commonly wife in privacy, but then goes and Abu Dawood, Vol. 1, Pg. 296].
caused by stress, tiredness and divulge its intimate details (to others).”
other environmental and relationship [Recorded in Sahih Muslim, Vol. 1, On the basis of the above Ahaadeeth,
factors. Sex therapists assist those Pg. 464]. neither would it be permissible for a
experiencing problems in overcoming person to explicitly divulge the intimate
them, in doing so possibly regaining Commenting on the above Hadeeth, sexual encounters that he has with
an active sex life. Allamah Nawawi (Rahmatullahi alaih) his/her spouse in the bedroom, nor
writes: - would it be permissible for a Muslim
Sexual Therapy in the light of doctor to pry into a couple’s private
shariah “In this Hadeeth man has been lives to fish out such explicit details.
Sexual therapy whereby patients prohibited from divulging and vividly
are required to explicitly divulge describing the details of the intimate [2.1] In the same vein, it would also
the sexual encounters that they contact that he has with his wife.” be prohibited for a patient to view and
have with their spouses will not be [Ibid]. for a Muslim psychiatrist to show -as
permissible in terms of Shari’ah. part of the their “therapy” (sic) - such
First of all, if a husband and wife are In a Hadeeth of Abu Dawood, videos to patients that that depict
experiencing problems in their sexual Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) explicit sexual acts. Furthermore, as
lives, each of them should refer the once asked the Sahabah (radhiallahu a general rule, Shari’ah has forbidden
matter to doctors of their own sex and anhum): “Is there any man from us from deploying Haraam means as
not to doctors of the opposite sex. amongst you who, when he goes to his a “cure” for problems and ailments.
Secondly, when consulting with such wife and closes the door behind him, Hence a Hadeeth of Rasulullah
doctors, they should then give a broad enjoys the privilege of being intimate (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) states: -
outline of the problem/s that they are with his wife in such complete secrecy
experiencing and not go into the finer that he is also blessed with a curtain “Do not treat your ailments with
details of their sexual encounters. For of concealment by Allah Ta’ala?” Haraam.” [Recorded by Abu Dawood,
instance the husband could explain The Sahabah (radhiallahu anhum) Vol. 2, Pg. 185].
to the male doctor his complication/s replied, “Yes!” Then Rasulullah
with regard to erectile dysfunctions or (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) asked: Watching such explicit sexual acts
premature ejaculation, etc. “Is there any such man who then sits being performed on video can never
Similarly, the woman could explain (with other people) and (divulging be condoned in Shari’ah, and no
to a female doctor her problems details of his intimacy with his wife), amount of “therapy” arguments
with regard to painful penetrations, says that ‘I did this and that (in the can ever legalize it. Sometimes
frigidity, etc. This type of exposition bedroom)’?” The men (amongst the these so-called western “therapy”
of their problems should be sufficient Sahabah (radhiallahu anhum) all procedures even defy common logic!
for the doctor to be able to diagnose remained silent. So then Rasulullah Watching such videos would result
their problems and prescribe some (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) posed the in a combination of many sins; for
appropriate medical solution. same question to the women that “Is instance watching the private parts of
Western sexual therapy that requires there any woman amongst you that strangers, watching such sexual acts
the spouses to explain the nitty- divulges these secrets to others?” being performed that are meant to be
gritty and finer details of their sexual The women too, remained silent. confined to the bedroom, etc, etc.
encounters and performances in bed We should vanquish ourselves to
has no place in Shar’iah. Such vivid Then, one lady got the courage to the Shariah and leave the matter to
and detailed description would be speak and (drawing the attention of Allah Ta’ala.
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