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16 I ORLD NEWSW Passion Islam I May 2009
Human Rights Watch urges
enquiry into Bush’s crimes
One of the world’s leading human during the Bush presidency, adding episode,” he said.
rights organisations is calling for a that the memos published by the US Asked about other inquiries into
comprehensive enquiry into the war Justice Department are simply “a kind Bush’s crimes, the London Human
crimes and abuses of human rights of add to the evidence”. Rights Watch director said a Spanish
committed by the US former president “We are calling for an enquiry and case has been already brought
George W. Bush’s administration. would like to see prosecutions brought against a number of officials of the
The call comes a day after against whom there is credible Bush administration.
the release of memos by the US evidence that they were involved However, he suggested, an
Department of Justice sanctioning the either in authorising, justifying or investigation should be done in the
use of illegal interrogation methods by carrying out torture,” he told IRNA in US by the Justice Department to bring
the Bush administration. an interview. the Bush administration into trial.
In an interview with IRNA, a senior Insects, sleep deprivation and “For a country that claims to
Human Rights Watch director said waterboarding are among approved operate according to the rule of
the organisation would like to see techniques by the Bush administration law, it is important to bring its own
prosecutions brought against whom used against innocent suspects in US investigation and prosecution against
there is “credible evidence” they prisons across the world. those responsible for authorising and
were involved either in authorising, Porteous said that the memos carrying out torture,” he said.
justifying or carrying out torture. produced by the Justice Department Last month, a senior judge in
US President Barack Obama in the US underline the urgent need Spain called for criminal proceedings
released four top secret memos for a comprehensive international against six senior officials in the Bush
that allowed the CIA under the Bush enquiry into human rights abuses by administration for the use of torture
administration to use waterboarding Bush. against detainees in Guantanamo.
and other illegal interrogation methods “Accountability is absolutely Many other investigations are
against suspects held at Guantanamo essential for any functioning underway around the world to bring
and the US secret detention centres democracy and it is also necessary to Bush and his accomplices into trial
round the world. stop this happening again and restore for committing war crimes and human
Porteous said there is overwhelming America’s reputation which has rights violations.
evidence of human rights abuses been badly damaged by this whole
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