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Passion Islam I May 2009 SPECIAL FEATURE I 23
In Good
Who we keep company with is and the Messenger
reflective of who we are. [ M u h a m m a d ,
For as far back as I can remember, sallallahu alayhe
my parents would always admonish wassalaam], then
me and my siblings to keep good they will be in the
company. My Dad specially had a company of those
favorite saying, “Show me your friends on whom Allah
and I’ll tell you who you are.” has bestowed
Needless to say, I was always His Grace, of the
very conscious, and careful about prophets, the
choosing the right people to surround Siddiqun (those
myself with. In Islam it is doubly true followers of the
and essential to surround yourself prophets who were
with righteous companions, because first and foremost to whosoever does this, then they are
they will help to keep your feet planted believe in them), the martyrs, and the the losers.” [63:9] In this time of hustle
on the straight path, while doing righteous. And how excellent these and bustle, it is very easy for us to get
otherwise may lead you astray. companions are.” [4:69] caught up in the pursuit of worldly
It was Ahmad ibn Harb, Secondly, being around them gains. This is why it is increasingly
rahimahullaah, who said, “There should make you want to increase important to surround ourselves with
is nothing more beneficial to a in good deeds. Allah ta’ala says, people, who will encourage us to
Muslim’s heart than to mix with the “And We have sent down to you think of Allah, in every instance of our
righteous and to watch their actions, [O Muhammad, sallallahu alayhe lives.
while nothing is more harmful to the wasallam], the Book [this Qur’an] in The superiority of the remembrance
heart of the Muslim than mixing with truth, confirming the Scriptures that of Allah was explained by the Prophet
sinners, and watching their actions.” came before it and Mohayminan Muhammad, sallallahu alayhe
No matter who you are, or how strong [trustworthy in highness and a wasallam, who said, “The example of
or independent you may feel, no man, witness] over it. So judge between the one who remembers his Lord, in
or woman, is an island, and you can’t them by what Allah has revealed, and comparison to the one who does not
make it through this life alone. This is follow not their vain desires, diverging remember his Lord, is that of a living
why Islam so stresses the Jama’ah, away from the truth that has come to creature compared to a dead one.
or the congregation. The sayings that you. To each among you, We have (Bukhari)
there is strength in numbers and that prescribed a law and a clear way. If So let us take stock of the people
it is the lone sheep that gets devoured Allah willed, He would have made we spend our time with. Do they fall
by the wolf are true. you one nation, but that [He] may into the above categories? If our
Therefore we need to adopt correct test you in what He has given you; friends aren’t doing these things, then
manners, in that we try ardently so strive as in a race in good deeds. what does being with them say about
never to do an action or to befriend The return of you [all] is to Allah; then us?
anyone without knowing whether the He will inform you about that in which We should strive to love those
pleasure of Allah is in it or not, and you used to differ.” [5:48] By aligning who love Allah, and to hate those
never loving and hating for worldly ourselves with people who do good who hate Allah, and what He has
reasons. For the Prophet of Allah, deeds, we are then prompted to sent down of guidance for humanity.
sallallahu alayhi wassalaam said, compete with them in this regard, and For the Prophet, sallallahu alayhe
“Whoever loves for Allah, and hates thus improving the character and the wasallam said, “Whoever possesses
for Allah, gives for Allah and withholds religion of everyone involved. three things will find the sweetness of
for Allah, has completed his faith.” Lastly, but by no means the least, eman. For Allah and His Messenger to
(Abu Dawud) So who should be our our companions should help us to be more beloved to him than anything
companions? First of all they should remember Allah. For Allah ta’ala says, else; to love a person for Allah’s sake
be good Muslims, who believe in Allah “O you who believe! Let not your alone; and to hate to return to disbelief
and His Messenger. For Allah says in properties or your children divert you the way he hates to be thrown into the
the Qur’an, “And who so obeys Allah from the remembrance of Allah. And fire.” (Bukhari)
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