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20 I SPECIAL CHARITY FEATURE Passion Islam I May 2009
Sponsor a child’s day out
HHUGS in conjunction with Deen inshallah. cheque) Any contribution is welcomed
Riders are arranging a day out for the We want to give you the opportunity inshallah. Please remember these
families of detainees in the London to be a part of this wonderful event by children don’t get opportunities like
area. The aim of this day out is to give helping us to make this day possible. these as their fathers are imprisoned.
these families an opportunity to go Please sponsor a child today for a Please help us to make this day
out and have a stress-free day and minimum of just £10. The money you possible and give these families
do something different in the half- donate will pay for coach hire, food for something to smile about. We will
term holidays. We will be taking the the families and activities. be taking approximately 80 people
children out to the countryside where Please donate by clicking on this on this day, and we need to raise
they will take part in many physical link: enough money to pay for all of them
activities including: Trekking, Junior When making your donation, to partake on this day. Please donate
Kite Making, Drawing, Face Painting, please put ‘Day Out’ for the payment generously!!
Qur’an Competition, Art Competition, reference. If paying by cheque, please The deadline for donations is
and there will also be talks for all state the reference at the back of the Friday 22nd May 2009.
Abu Hafsah
Abu Hafsah Foundation is a unique
charity as its main aim is to serve the
community by helping underachieving
pupils fulfil their potential.
Our Objective is to develop a
pioneering education centre and
thereafter establish a full time
secondary school based on Islamic
ethos. We believe in order to achieve
We charge per project
success in this world and the hereafter
we must acquire both Islamic and
not per hour
secular knowledge.
Our aim is to create a single multi
purpose education centre, which
embraces Islamic education parallel
with secular education so that we are
BLUETOOTH Free Nokia 3120 Head of operations 2008 Yusuf kayat ...................07976 7866781400 mins Anytime Our other local staff
BLITZ 2 mega pixel camera
Yusuf Chothia ...............01924 485786
HAJJ PACKAGE 07976 266638
Pricesincludes 300 min 3 to 3
Hafiz Manzoor Kadia ....07974 152929 2 bed £2,950Hafiz Musa Sacha .........07894 728206
£19.99 per month ITIENERY London 3 bed £2,450Motorola HF8 Depature Nov 30th/1st Dec – Aziziya Al–Noor Bilal Kolia ......................0208 5390965
was £29.99 20 4 bed £2,250Now Hotel (full board) 0787 0218141
£9.99 (2/3/4 beds as booked) Gloucester Excluding Airline Free Nokia 6500s Group will stay until 1 day after Hajj Shoayb Mulla.................01452 537489 Tickets and Qurbani
DewsburyMo 11th december group will move to Makkah in to 600 mins Anytime Hanif Master ..................07966 297813
ro Al–Hadeel Hotel for 10 nights (full board)l ga pixel camera BradfordNokia CK was £29.99 a 3.2 me successful in this life and the hereafter.
Now H rola H3 21st December group will depart to Madinah and 1 Salim Khan.....................07507 5734245 £9.99 S otow includes 300 min 3 to 3 stay in Madinah Hilton 9 Nights (with b/b only)1 8 M was £39.99 Blackburn
£89.99 0 Now£14.99 30th/31st December depature back to the UK Salim Mulla ....................07798742027Abdul Kuddus Mulla .....07790302306
Free Nokia 2610 £15 per month Package includes: Leicester
600 Mins Invitation to our hajj seminar Ismail Makda .................07973 702157
Mobile Any time Hajj draft, visa service and all internal Walsall/Birminghamberry Bo Any Network transportation APRIL Mahmood Patel .............01215 317668
Broadbandld FREE Free Nokia 6220 5 days of hajj in European camps full board• RochdaleGet unlimi o New 2 GR 2009Samsung £17.50 p/m 1400 mins Anytime Group will be accomplied by bi-lingual, experienced O Mr Salim .........................07815 914 594
ck r
The only Tocco 5 mega pixel camera and friendly staf• Umr UPSf through out the whole journeyBroadbandEmai Pte New 1ah w
on the Ziyaarat in both holy cities (urdu & English )you need ls d ea 600 Minutes Friends & Family built-in Sat Nav Al-Aqsa/ paceek Free laundry service until 20th December0 days ka , services
mo rl Any time Any Network • pac geBuilt-in memory
£2.50For ve £27 per month
not available in madinahNew 4kacard slot to useju Unlimited Texts ge Syria • MA
as a memory stickst T Yur New J
£30p/m k /5 day FOR UMR
• Umr Through the teaching of theoretical as From p/m
Free Nokia 6500c ac Ne ah
ka AH
£10 ge special A
w 3 Jpac 2 w
NEW TURBO SIM 12001200 mins Anytime and Umr ummah ka eege k p/m
One Sim UNLOCK YOUR 2 me2 megaa pix pixel camerel camera • 200 pac l-Aqsa£35 a month Keeping y HANDSET TO New R 9 GAUGU ka ah
incincludes ludes 300 min 3 to 3 RNOW available 1800 minutes per month ou in OUPST ge
wwwwALL NETWORKS • Umr touc Son Pay As You Go Unlimited texts h w Full Ramah amadaa£24 per month
£49.99 Eid in HTC DIAMO Freedom of 30 day contrFREE LAPTact wFOR JUST.c.£9.99clcphonesl n c Bookings taken subject to terms & conditions
1200 Mi N pD h • Makkah adaon 1st 15 da an
500 nutes e
2009NOV Ts /Madinah • r
T .c.
last 15 day ac • Hajj P G EMB v
omo R elinterUnlimiteexts m ys or New Vac OUPER &S To
net br OP Hajj pa kas IP 2 wge ursck
O am £45 o
well as practical Islam and based on n Entr ge eekk o.u
interUnlimi ia p/m Dr e our Priz ns.c For FREE UMRAHWIN A DEco fu WISam s
Unlimitne ted - buy any caw w olutio ntact or visirther int br i Tel fo PAe ow 9 fr CKA ORLD HTSom CL hen y e Mobile: & rmFax: 0d by: www.daps t ouration and b WSim FLIG
A 1000 Min 0y d T sing en 1924 48 main of ply e GE J & Time e 0 C Designe quiries@ 0 AH7976 oo KAGES
£40 Any nu
xts September 2Tuesday 30, beontr ou ac www yourus w mail 786 675 005 fice: king HAJ. s detailsith UMR
Netwtes and y f al-nak al-nak PACo or t r
f k e heel.c heel.c 8or adeW b & W Al-Nakditionalk p/m this Laou cou
al £5 p/m 008 heel TAl-Hikmravel & ESE
ptold w The Co VICp in ah Cent Tour WID28 T ach s VISAER SER
See of ra Housereinside ck Road Y S RLD f Won er est GE NEY NSF
our new lookand mor s Batley DAYe orkshire KA WO MO TRAw WF17 7 HOILebsite PAC
AA the Qur’an and Sunnah, we aim to
TeOpen: Ml: (01924) 4444
on-Thu: 9.
30 am - 6.30
pm, 44Fri: 2p
m 2- 6.392 Br0 pm, Sadfor
at: 10d Road, Ba
am - 5 tlpm ey.
help our pupils develop a love for Allah
For further information
(SWT) and confidence in their identity
as young Muslim men.
or quotes for complete
By providing stimulating and
Business Marketing
differentiated work, setting tasks and
materials, just goals that are achievable to all, we
send us an email
aim to acknowledge and actively
encourage all abilities within the centre.
Our target is to continuously access
and positively reward the effort and
progress made by our pupils. We have Travel & Tours
high expectations of our pupils, not
only in academic excellence but also
Tel & Fax: 01924 485 005Mobile: 07976 786 678
Al-Nakheel Travel & Tours, Al-Hikmah Centre,The Coach House, 28 Track Road, Batley. WF17 7AA
in standard of behaviour, appearance
Travel & Tours
Travel & Tours
and character, both inside and outside
Tel & Fax: 01924 485 005 Mobile: 07976 786
Al-Nakheel Travel & Tours, Al-Hikmah Centre, The Coach House, 28 Track Road, Batley. WF17 7AA
Al-Nakheel Travel & ToursAl-Hikmah Centre
The Coach House
Professionally Designed and Printed
28 Track RoadBatley. UK
Travel & Tours WF17 7AA
Yusuf Chothia UK: 07976 266 638
Saudi: 0507 817 261
Tel & Fax: 01924 485 005
We hope to equip our pupils with
skills to face the challenges of today’s
changing world by encouraging
communication, personal growth and
Business Cards confidence at all levels. We hope
Compliment Slips
0787 212 9762 or 07971 691 543
Inshah’Allah to maintain close co-
operation between the centre, Parents
Design and print solutions
NCR Business Forms ...
and the wider community.
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