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12 I ORLD NEWSW Passion Islam I May 2009
America’s Colonisation of Pakistan
of Musharraf which born out of
blind subservience to America, by
promoting Nawaz Sharif and Benazir
Bhutto back into the Pakistani political
arena under the new ‘deal’.
America once again was behind
furthering the cause of democracy
through Zardari, a man who was under
investigation for corruption charges
and who has continued with furthering
drone attacks, the displacement of
half a million people in Swat and using
the Army to kill its own citizens.
Oakley was unhappy with
the current Pakistani leadership,
particularly the president. They were
‘both incompetent and corrupt and
had no clue on the economic side of
We’ve alienated them tremendously.
will allow US investigators access to
things.’ He said
Whether we agree or not” says former
individuals suspected of engaging in
Oakley, in his interview to the
US ambassador to Islamabad Robert
nuclear proliferation, such as Dr AQ
Atlantic Council, also criticised the
US drone attacks inside Pakistan.
Airing his views on Americas role
‘What we’re calling ‘benchmarks’
The US, he said, needed to ask itself:
in Pakistan, Oakley was responding
remind them very much of the
‘Are we creating more terrorists than
back to a host of views presented by
‘sanctions’ they had hanging over their
we’re killing?’ And the drone attacks,
Obama and his team on dealing with
heads for so many years. The United
he said, were probably creating more
this ‘hotspot’ in the world which has
States has alienated Pakistan by
terrorists………we’ve pushed the
drew international attention in the last
demanding that they divert troops from
Pakistani army to fight our war and
the Indian border to fight the Taliban”
created a huge backlash’
Americas increasing role in Pakistan
said the former US ambassador to
Despite Oakley’s outspoken
through the Bush administration and
remarks, he is still in favour of
the man of ‘change’, Obama, the new
Ahmed Rashid, a leading Pakistani
containing Pakistan and has merely
President of America who singled out
journalist told a US think-tank, the
expressed reservations on strategy
Pakistan in his presidential campaign
Jamestown Foundation, that he was
and tactics. Obama’s administration
and within days of coming into office
‘absolutely shocked’ by the conditions
has still maintained that Pakistan is a
resumed drone attacks has clearly
in drafts of the US congressional aid
key area of American focus and policy
highlighted that Americas next target
bill to his country.
which Oakley agrees to.
is Pakistan
No political government can accept
In a testimony before the House
“If we have actionable intelligence
a bill like this in Pakistan, even if it is
Foreign Affairs Committee, Mrs
about high-value terrorist targets and
on its knees -- which it is, economically
Clinton warned that nuclear-armed
President Musharraf won’t act, we
speaking,’ he said.
Pakistan “poses a mortal threat to the
will” Said Obama in 2007 outside
Oakley has clearly confirmed that security and safety of our country and
the Woodrow Wilson Centre in his
America was leading the politics in the world’
Presidential run up campaign
Pakistan through continuous dictates Admiral Mullen told NBC news he was
Oakley, who served in Islamabad
of what course the country should concerned about the prospect of both
from 1988 to 92, has criticised
run. Afghanistan and Pakistan descending
Americas approach to Pakistan airing
It was America’s decision to get rid into chaos. ‘Pakistan — it’s a country
views which present a clear picture
for Nawaz Sharif in 1999 believing his that has nuclear weapons. My long-
of a structured policy to colonise
presence was not conducive to help term worry is that descent ... should it
America strengthen relations with a continue, gives us the worst possible
Oakley criticised the restrictions
new emerging India with the help of outcome there,’ he said.
proposed in a congressional bill on
Pakistan. It was America who allowed In the war of thoughts and ideas,
US aid to Pakistan which has been
the bloodless coup of Musharraf and America plans to convince the world
under review for some time. The
for him to further American Interests that its Pakistan’s problems have
proposed restrictions require Pakistan
in the region through his inter- arisen domestically. However, any
to improve its relations with India,
changeable titles of Chief Executive, keen observer would conclude that
whether New Delhi reciprocates those
interim head of state and President foreign Political interference has been
efforts or not. Pakistan also needs to
and lead on the war on terror as an the sole key factor that has bought
undertake not to support any person
‘indispensible ally’ the scenes of chaos and destruction
or group involved in activities meant
It was America that initiated a new
to Pakistan. But America’s blinded
to hurt India.
change of direction of Pakistan after
ambitions in its War on Terror will not
Another proposed requirement
growing unrest on the un-popularity
secede to this. - By Majed Iqbal -
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