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Seamless integration at Bistrot Pierre

French restaurant chain Bistrot Pierre wanted a reservation system that would sync seamlessly into its existing website, was quick and easy for its customers to use, and integrated with its EPoS system. It chose LiveRes as its

online booking widget. LiveRes can be configured to individual design specifications, so the system integrates seamlessly into the company’s website. And on top of the front-end being easy for customers to use, the back-end system is intuitive for the Bistrot Pierre team. Plus, because it’s built for mobile and touchscreen use, customers as well as staff can access the system on any device, anywhere and at any time. LiveRes also integrates with Bistrot Pierre’s existing EPoS system, which is provided by Zonal, offering the team key advantages. “The till system speaks

to the reservation system, so it can see where a table’s at, how long they’ve got left in the restaurant, and when

“In the next month and a half, we’ll be launching an electronic loyalty scheme

linked to the EPoS system” Simon Barnes, Bistrot Pierre

“Historically, we’ve had

that table can be rebooked, maximising bookings incredibly,” says regional manager Simon Barnes. The system also captures

a huge amount of data, which stays with Bistrot Pierre, is never given out to a third party, and will soon be used for the company’s new loyalty scheme.

a card and a stamper, so any time someone would come they’d get a stamp and eventually redeem a free meal,” says Barnes. “But in the next month and a half, we’ll be launching an electronic loyalty scheme linked to the EPoS system, so it will be very easy for our guests and our staff to use.” The biggest benefit Bistrot

Pierre has seen from the system is its maximisation of bookings. “I’ve had a few instances where on a busy Saturday night, LiveRes has increased covers by between 10% and 15%,” Barnes says.

guests return often and they want to be able to reward loyal customers,” he explains. “With ResDiary’s built-in CRM [customer relation- ship management] system, they can securely store vital information about their customers in one place and personalise guest visits, giv- ing them a better experience.” And integration doesn’t stop there. Depend- ing on a venue’s preferences, ResDiary can integrate with EPoS systems, property man- agement systems and consumer apps. It’s a similar story at LiveRes. “LiveRes is part of a wider toolkit that’s inte- grated with EPoS and other customer-engage- ment modules: loyalty, gift card, single-use vouchers, apps, mobile ordering and payment. These channels all link to the till – the ‘opera- tional brain’ at the heart of each site. Mean- while, the data is synchronised in a single customer view, providing a 360-degree view of all diner interactions,” FitzGerald says. This is worlds away from many restaurant operations, which generate huge amounts of useful data but all too often store it in inacces- sible, conflicting systems. “That’s because in many cases the IT systems have been added

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